6 - Week Declutter Challenge

The all new 6 Week Declutter Challenge has launched!

JOIN TODAY Are you tired of feeling like your home is busting at the seams? Like you can’t have company over because they might see your mess, your piles, or your crap? Like you have nowhere to store anything and you don’t even know what’s in those boxes piled in the garage? I know that feeling. And I know the feeling of being free from it too!

Home is where it all begins. Where you get to decide what you love most and can’t live without. Let your home tell your story… Nate Berkus It’s time to take your home back. It’s time to take your LIFE back. Can I get an amen? This challenge is going to do exactly that. You’ll probably sweat a little, you might even cry once or twice, but I promise you’ll feel so good at the end of this challenge.   My book, The Simplicity Project is about creating margin in ALL areas of your life. I cover simplifying your health, home, finances, and time. For most of us, physical clutter in our homes is a HUGE problem. That’s why I’ve come up with a 6 week challenge to help you get things OUT of your house that don’t need to be there! The 6 Week Declutter challenge was made for YOU! For the person who doesn't have time or energy, for the mom who is overwhelmed, for the executive that has more important things to do. It was made for everyone. Each day, you are given simple 15 minute tasks that will help you rid your home of clutter once and for all!  

See the all new Declutter Challenge here!

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