10 Summer Essentials

family life May 17, 2017

10 Summer Essentials

It's almost time for my favorite season of the year! You might be thinking, "She lives in Southern California. Isn't it summer all the time?" I thought the same thing until I lived here! Yes, it is sunny pretty much year round with little to no rain. But the temperatures are much cooler than a warm summer day by the pool or at the beach.

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. Maybe sooner for some of us, but either way, as soon as the hot rays start beaming, you will want to head out in the sun well prepared. Here are 10 poolside essentials for you to walk out ready for a relaxing, summer day!

10 Summer Essentials

Vacation Beach TowelEveryone needs a beach towel! Because it's no fun heading to the pool or the sand short a towel. I remember so many times that has happened and everyone is fighting over who get one. I absolutely love this one by Bando!

Swan Pool FloatI absolutely LOVE the pool floats that are popular right now. Does anyone else wonder why we never thought of these before? You can get donuts, pretzels, swans, and so many more. What is nice about them is that they are so big so you can actually relax!

Pineapple Cup. Even though you might be splashing in the waves, drink water to stay hydrated! It's one of the essentials from day to day living. Might as well look cute doing it!

Beach Time Read. When my kids were little, there was no time to read by the pool or at the beach. I was constantly keeping an eye on them for safety reasons and to have fun. I now have the opportunity to crack open a book and escape!

Sip Sip Straw Set. These straws are so fun with any cup (like the pineapple one!). I love that they are reusable so you don't have to constantly be buying disposable ones.

Jelly Pouch. The best part about this little pouch is that it doesn't matter if it gets wet! Stash your phone, cash, keys, and other important things in it to protect them from water and sand.

Havaianas. It's so nice to just have a shoe that you can slip on and go! It doesn't matter if they get wet or sandy, and you can get these in just about every color imaginable.

Sun Bum Chapstick. We always (most of the time!) lather on the sunscreen and tanning oil, but often forget to protect our lips! This Sun Bum Chapstick has SPF in it to avoid getting sunburn and to keep hydrated.

Panama Hat. While I love the sun, we all know that too much is, well, too much! I could lay out all day and then some, but the older I've gotten, the more I want to protect my skin! Through on a cute hat to block the rays.

Instax Camera. Summertime fun makes the best memories. Especially when they are capture by tiny polaroids! I love this little camera to snap special moments.

Here are my 10 Summer Essentials! What are some things you can't live without at the beach or by the pool?



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