3 Reasons You Need to Run a Holiday Promotion No Matter What You're Selling

business life simplicity Oct 15, 2018

The holidays are approaching and there is no time like the present to plan your holiday promotion so you can sit back and relax while the sales roll in! Now, before we dive into anything I want to reassure you of something. If you're worried that running a promotion and discounting your products will devalue you or what you're selling, let that go. Sure, you don't want to run a promotion every week and teach your customers to watch for a deal. But a holiday promotion is about customer acquisition. Creating that first transaction with a new customer and then nurturing them to keep coming back for more.

Last year, I ran my first holiday promotion. Well, let me take that back. My first holiday promotion with a strategic plan in place.

I increased my sales by a whopping 73% following this plan! 

What I learned in the process was the increased revenue was only one of the amazing benefits. {Don't forget to download my free guide at the bottom of this post so you can do the same!}

It doesn't matter what you're selling

Now, you may be thinking, but Corie! I don't have a physical product to promote! I'm here to tell you that this will work no matter what you sell. Physical products, digital products, services, coaching, direct sales, you name it!

3 Reasons You Need to Run a Holiday Promotion

Increase your revenue.

Like I said before. I increased my revenue by 73%! But that was just over the promotion period! I actually have an impressive repeat customer rate which means I'm still making money on a lot of those new customers! Not to mention, it was a great boost to help me meet and exceed my 4th quarter goals!

Grow your audience and email list.

When done correctly, you are going to build your email list in no time. By offering a VIP deal only for those who signed up, I was able to add hundreds of new subscribers to my list in just a matter of days. Plus, the excitement of the promotion shared on social media grew my following on all channels as well.

Create brand awareness.

When you're running a strategic holiday promotion, you are sharing your brand and product at a much higher level. Whether you like it or not, people will see. People will be intrigued. And people will start to recognize you.

Here's the best part. You can recreate this "Holiday Promotion" as much as you want. Use it for other promotions throughout the year and watch your sales, list, and brand awareness grow beyond your wildest dreams!

If you're ready to create your Holiday Promotion be sure to download my free guide!



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