5 Ways CBD Oil Changed My Life

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, physician, or licensed in any way. This is my own results research that I am sharing with you. If you are looking for medical advice, please seek a licensed caregiver.

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A few months ago, I started doing a little research on CBD oil and it's benefits. I kept hearing so much about it and knew it was something I'd want to try sooner or later because I'm always wanting to test out natural products and remedies to stay as healthy as possible.

I had seen a friend post about CBD so I quickly messaged her to see if she was taking it! She referred to her anxiety as "Entrepreneur-itis" and I was like, "Oh my gosh! That's what I have!" Now, I don't know that that's a real thing, but for me it is!

Ever since Ryan left his salary job to join me and run this business together, I've been anxious and stressed. Not necessarily debilitating but enough to cause me to lose sleep and wake up to my heart racing and in a panic.

5 Ways CBD Oil Changed My Life

I sleep better & I wake up better

Since taking CBD oil, I sleep so much better. I'm not waking up through the night in a panic and I'm waking up so much better as well. I used to wake up and immediately feel the stress and anxiety kick in. I wake up so peacefully now and can ease into my day.

Less anxious throughout the day

CBD oil has also helped in my day-to-day activities. As stressful situations arise in the business or just life in general, I've been able to stay calm and have a clear mind. This has helped tremendously as I'm not making decisions in panic mode.

My social anxiety is pretty much non-existent

I'm a fairly outgoing person and usually love being around people. As I've gotten older, I've developed more social anxiety than I care to have. Especially when I'm going to be around a lot of people I don't know. CBD oil has completely changed that for me. I have zero anxiety when I'm heading to an event where I used to do anything to get myself out of going in the first place!

No migraines since starting

Since taking CBD oil, I have not had a single migraine. I used to get migraines quite often. I started going to the chiropractor which definitely helped, but I would still get the occasional migraine and that was no fun! Two months in and no migraines!! Woohoo!

Menstrual pain is gone since starting

Another thing I was not expecting and didn't even realize at first was that CBD oil has lessened my menstrual pain and symptoms. I used to have horrible lower back pain and take motrin for a few days straight. But for the last two months the pain has been nonexistent.  Praise. The. Lord!



Since I've had so much success with CBD oil I decided to do a little more research to see what other benefits there are. Here's a quick little breakdown of five of them that I think are amazing!

5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD Oil)  is one of the several cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD oils have been proven to provide many health benefits that can potentially improve the life quality of patients around the world. CBD oil is an incredibly valuable supplement which can be used to cure a range of health conditions. I'm sharing some of the key health benefits of CBD oil. While this is certainly not anywhere close to an exhaustive list of CBD's benefits, it a highlight some of the ways CBD can benefit your health:

Fight Cancer

Many researches have indicated that CBD is valuable in the treatment of cancer in numerous different ways. Investigations have also proven that CBD can help prevent the spread of cancer cells in cervical cancer cells. (keep in mind, however, that a vast majority of cancer and CBD studies are pre-clinical)

Fight Anxiety

Many researches have indicated that CBD can be used to treat a range of mental health conditions including anxiety. The studies suggest that CBD diminishes anxiety in social anxiety disorder. This has a lot to do with the effects of CBD on activity in paralimbic and limbic brain areas.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief is one of the most known and celebrated benefits of CBD Oil. This analgesic property of CBD Oils. It has been indicated that CBD interacts with receptors in the immune system and the brain to alleviate pain and decrease inflammation.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

One of the lesser known health benefits of CBD oil is the way it can diminish the chances of developing diabetes. In a study published in a known medical journal, researchers explored the effect that CBD oils have on diabetes-prone, non-obese female mice. Turned out that 100% of the untreated group were diagnosed with diabetes, as opposed to the 32% of the mice who received the CBD and diagnosed with diabetes.

Anti-Seizure Properties

Seizures can occur due to a fluctuation of electrical activity in the brain. Numerous high profile cases over the years have shed light onto the anti-seizure properties of CBD. In fact, it’s only been recently that science has confirmed this link.

As you can see, these are some major health issues that can be treated with CBD oil. Any time I can help correct an ailment with something that is natural and not formulated by chemicals, I'm a happy girl. You can order my favorite CBD Oil here


Have you used CBD oil? Comment below and let me know how it's helped you!


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