50 Money Saving Tips You Can Start Doing Right Now

business home life May 12, 2014

50 Money Saving Tips

I'm getting so excited about the launch of The Simplicity Project book! One of the sections of the book is on simplifying our finances. We Americans are really good at living beyond our means and it's time we start living within them.

I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek from the book and share my 50 Favorite Money Saving Tips. These are things that are very simple to implement. You may not save a ton of money on each individual thing, but if you consistently do several of these things over a long period of time the savings will add up!

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50 Money Saving Tips

1.    Give up eating out and entertainment for a month or two.
2.    Have a menu plan to avoid last minute drive-thrus.
3.    Make your own meals at home. Live on rice and beans for a while if you have to.
4.    Cut up and freeze produce that’s about to go bad. Use for smoothies later.
5.    Drink more water. Juices and soft drinks are very pricey.
6.    Refrigerate leftover coffee for iced coffee later.
7.    Make your own coffee.
8.    Cook and eat what’s in season.
9.    Buy in bulk.
10.    Scour grocery ads for the best deals. Stock up when items are at their lowest.
11.    Use coupons.
12.    Stick to the list. If it’s not on your list, don’t buy it.
13.    Buy dried beans instead of canned.
14.    Avoid processed foods. Pound for pound fruits and veggies are usually cheaper.
15.    Eat leftovers.
16.    Pack your lunch.
17.    Take a snack and water with you when you leave the house.
18.    Sign up for rewards programs at the stores you shop most.
19.    Buy store brand.
20.    Stop buying water bottles. Get a filter and use your own reusable bottles.
21.    Grow your own veggies and herbs.
22.    Use cash for everyday purchases. You’ll stick to your budget better.
23.    Plan all of your errands in one day to avoid extra driving.
24.    Make your own cleaning supplies.
25.    Make your own face wash.
26.    Use rags or washcloths instead of paper towels.
27.    Use cloth napkins instead of paper.
28.    Don’t use paper plates.
29.    Keep your lights off when you don’t need them.
30.    Unplug electronics that aren’t in use.
31.    Cancel cable.
32.    Adjust your thermostat by a degree or two when using your heater or air.
33.    Take shorter showers.
34.    Wash your clothes in cold water.
35.    Shop at thrift stores.
36.    Do a clothing swap with friends to give yourself a new wardrobe.
37.    Make your own gifts.
38.    Use Ebates to earn cash back on your online purchases.
39.    Comparison shop. Amazon is usually cheaper and get free shipping with Amazon Prime
40.    Wait 24-48 hours when deciding on a big purchase.
41.    Cancel your gym membership.
42.    Cancel other memberships that you rarely use {Spa, book clubs, etc}
43.    Use the library.
44.    Carpool.
45.    Ride your bike or walk.
46.    Cancel your land line.
47.    Compare car insurance rates.
48.    Subscribe to the magazines you must have instead of buying at the store.
49.    Trade services with friends {like babysitting}
50.    Set up auto pay on as many bills as possible to avoid late fees.

What are some other ways you've saved money?

Be sure to comment with any more ideas you have and maybe it will make it into the final copy of the book!


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