A Morning With Nick Vujicic

faith life Jan 15, 2014


A couple of Sundays ago I visited a friend's church and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Nick Vujicic was speaking. I have followed him on social media for quite some time and have watched some of his videos.

Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs in 1982. In just over 30 years, he has accomplished more than most people who do have arms and legs. When he was just 10 years old he tried to drown himself because he had no hope. Now, he is an evangelist and has shared the love of Jesus with millions of people all over the world.

 "If you don't get a miracle, you can still be a miracle."

Although he's prayed for a miracle of arms and legs many times, he IS a miracle. And so many times we look past the miracle that's in front of our face. We think we know the miracle we need. But maybe the miracle we need is actually BEING the miracle.  Allowing God to use us in other people's lives. To bring Him glory and expand the kingdom.

Nick spoke a lot on FAITH and FEAR and reminded me that there is nothing I can do, humanly speaking, to "get" my miracle. It won't be just one more prayer or doing good things. There is nothing I can do to earn the miracle or His love.

We don't see everything the way God does. We don't know how the story will unfold.

 "If we saw and knew everything we wouldn't need faith."

Ouch! So true. The more we struggle and don't understand things, the more we have to rely on him. The bible tells us that His grace is sufficient. His grace is sufficient. In all things.

God isn't going to wait for us to be good enough, pray enough, or give enough. He already sent His son to die the death that we were supposed to. And He is ENOUGH.

Nick said that more than arms and legs, he wants peace. You can have arms and legs and not know what to do with them. But when you know who you are in Christ and what your purpose is on this earth, you have peace. I need to remember this daily. I may think I need something material or even in my health, but ultimately I have everything. I am created for everlasting life in heaven. Whatever this lifetime may bring can't separate me from God's love.

The last thing that struck a chord with me was this:

 "It's not how big of faith you have. It's what you put your little faith in."

Where am I putting my little faith? In relationships? In finance? In security? My smallest of faith should be in Jesus. If I'm not happy in Christ when I have nothing, I won't be happy in Christ when I have everything. I want that contentment in little and much, in pain and in health.

I believe that I am happy in Christ, right where I am. But I also believe that it's a daily surrender. Laying it down and allowing his grace to be sufficient.

I admired Nick's passion for Jesus. His faith was oozing out of him and very contagious. If you ever have the chance to see him, please do!

You can watch his YouTube series which shows what he's been up to all over the world. You can also watch the service that I attended at Influence Church online here. Be sure to check out Nick's ministry, Life Without Limbs.

What miracles have you been praying for? And how can you allow God to use you in other miracles?


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