A Simple Christmas

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A Simple Christmas

It's hard to believe that Christmas is here, yet again. Every year, I tell myself, you're going to simplify! You're going to be done with all your shopping by November! You're going to bake all of your holiday treats! And every year, I fall short. I'm sure you're feeling the same way. With all of the events that seem to fill up the calendar, it's hard to find time to shop and bake, let alone breathe! I've had grand ideas of creating a Simplicity Project, Christmas Edition but that's funny right there. Too much on my plate so it will have to wait.

Instead I've created a few resources that I hope will help you simplify and still be sure to get in some of the important activities that come around only this time of year. First, I thought I'd give you a few tips to get back on track and pull you out of that losing your mind feeling and into the reality that you can, in fact, do this!

Simple thins you can do right now to simplify Christmas

  1. Pull out your planner or calendar right now and write down EVERYTHING you know will be happening. All of it. School, church, community, shopping, baking, work... all of it!
  2. Make a list of all of the things you know you want to do before Christmas (or use the Winter Bucket list below)
  3. Fill those items into your calendar. If it's not planned, it most likely will not happen.
  4. Jot down as many dinner/meal ideas as you can in your planner/calendar. It's ok if these change but this will also help you to know when you'll be eating at home and when you'll be eating out.
  5. Start your grocery shopping list with the meals you've just planned and any holiday baking you'll be doing.
  6. Get wish lists from anyone you still need one from and make your final gift list. (See how we simplify our gift-giving below
  7. Complete your shopping on Amazon. I like to go in and add things to my cart as I think of them or find out about them. Then, I can go through and weed out what I don't end up needing before I check out. At one point this week I had twenty items in my cart. But once I placed my order a few days later, I only had five ;)
  8. Put on your Christmas jammies and settle in for a glass of wine or some hot cocoa and a Christmas movie. You've just done a lot and now you need to relax and take care of yourself!

Simple Gift-Giving with Four Gifts



We started this tradition several years ago and it's been such a hit. Each child gets Something You Want, Something You Need, Something to Wear, and Something to Read. It's easy on the budget and on my sanity. My kids get so many gifts from us, two sets of grandparents, and plenty of Aunts and Uncles. They really don't "need" anything so when I saw the Four Gift method I was in! Print out this wish list below (one for each child) and let them fill it out. Have them write a few things in each category so they are still surprised on Christmas morning. The best thing about this gift-giving method is you can do it as inexpensive as you want or you can go all out. We keep it pretty simple and budget friendly around here. Plus we still do a Santa Gift and we fill their stockings.


Winter Bucket Lists


winter-bucket-listwinter-bucket-blank-watermarkedIt always happens. We get to the end of a season and I wonder where the time went. There are so many unique activities that each season holds and before you know it, it's over and you haven't done anything fun. You all loved our Fall Bucket Lists so I decided to make some for the winter as well! There's a pre-filled list and a blank one as well in case you want to come up with some of your own activities.


I hope you take some time to relax this holiday season. Sit in awe and wonder at what the Father has done for you this year. Soak up the goodness of loved ones and make some fabulous memories. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




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