Beauty & Purpose in Entrepreneurship with Jessica Shakir

business faith podcast Sep 20, 2022

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This week I’m chatting with the beautiful Jessica Shakir! She shares the purpose behind her entrepreneurial journey and the big pivot she had to make in 2022.

Jessica Shakir is a Biblical Beauty Coach and Founder of The Beautiful Mind Academy, a global online community of Jesus-loving women renewing their minds with the Word of God and transforming their worlds through spiritual growth and trustworthy sisterhood!

Through Soul Care and Spiritual Leadership Coaching Programs, Guest Speaker Masterclasses, and epic In-Person Retreats, Jessica helps women understand and live out Biblical Beauty to the Glory of God!

Jessica has worked as a Celebrity Hair + Makeup Artist for 25 years with a clientele that includes Colbie Caillat, Kevin Bacon, Jane Lynch, Rachel Hunter, Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, The Backstreet Boys, and Eminem. She’s even more excited to get to work with women of God whom she admires including Lisa Bevere, Lisa Harper, Havilah Cunnington, Laurie Crouch, Victoria Osteen, Cece Winans, and many more.

Above all, Jessica delights in her relationship with Jesus, she finds joy in living a beautiful life, and desires to raise up an army of God’s daughters who are spiritually equipped and ready to lead and love others well!

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