The Best Skinny Margarita Recipe - Natural & Low Carb

home life Aug 25, 2017

My hubby and I are big fans of skinny margaritas but not big fans of artificial sweeteners and pre-made mixes. We've tried our fair share of skinny margaritas and Ryan has come up with the best skinny margarita recipe ever! He's actually becoming quite famous among friends and family. Friends are slightly disappointed if he shows up to a party without his skinny margs in tow.

The key to a good skinny margarita is a smooth tequila. We prefer Costco's brand of Tequila Silver but any good silver or blanco tequila will do. The smoother the tequila, the less sugar you'll need. The next step is a good lime juice. I honestly don't feel like squeezing my own so we opt for Nellie and Joe's Key West Lime Juice. We also prefer the taste of simple syrup so we buy organic sugar and make our own. Simply bring one cup of water and one cup of sugar to a boil and remove from heat. You can use agave if you'd like but we simply don't like the taste of it in this margarita.

The Best Skinny Margarita Recipe

  • 3oz tequila
  • 1-2 oz simple syrup or agave (start with 1 oz and add if you need more sweetener)
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • Shake with ice
  • Top off with a few oz of club soda

The club soda is the secret ingredient. It makes it so refreshing. Be careful though! Too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing ;)



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