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life simplicity Oct 01, 2014

choose simplicity

In a world that keeps spinning faster, I choose simplicity. In an age of have all, know all, and do all, I choose simplicity.

Today marks the first day of a 31 day writing challenge that I'm participating in. Of course I chose the topic of simplicity. Since I'm fresh off the launch of my new book, The Simplicity Project, I figure I might as well ride that train while it's still here. For the next 31 days I'll be writing on several facets of simplicity and hope to touch on many ways to simplify your life or enjoy simple pleasures.


When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure.”

-Viktor Frankl

Everyone is searching for something. For their purpose, the meaning of life, or just the next best thing. Whatever it is, we most likely won't be happy when we find it. And while we're looking, and never satisfied, we're going to keep distracting ourselves to numb the pain. We'll take on more than we can handle, we'll buy more than we can afford, we'll try to be someone we're not meant to be.

This creates an endless cycle of temporary pleasure and a continual feeling of emptiness.

The Simplicity Project

I've chosen to end that cycle. I've chosen less because it really means more. I've chosen simplicity. After giving our life an overhaul and creating margin in any place I could, I can honestly say I see through different eyes. I'm not as stressed. We're not spending as much as we used to. I'm accomplishing more in far less time. Life is good. It's not minimized. It's actually amplified. In a good way. We're living and breathing the life we were made for. We're enjoying it and living it on purpose.

Choose today to create margin. Don't be stretched so thin that you can hardly think straight. It's not worth it. I promise. You will feel more fulfilled when you choose simplicity.

Join me on this 31 day journey of simplicity. We'll cover things from simple faith to simple savings and everything in-between. No need to complicate things. We're keeping it simple.

Choose simplicity.

Where are you needing to simplify? Answer in the comments below!

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