Ep 36: Courage and Clarity with Kari Keating

mindset podcast Mar 10, 2020

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This week, Corie interviews Kari Keating. Kari is a Branding Expert and Business Coach, Founder of The Circle, Host of the top rated “Work Hard Mom Hard Podcast”, International keynote speaker, wife and Mother of 3. After 17 years in her corporate career at companies like Nike, Quiksilver, Lululemon and Nordstrom, Kari found herself time poor and unfulfilled. She set out on a path to find a career that would allow her use her sharp business acumen and strategic thinking while also allowing her to be more available to her children.

In 2014, with two babies under two, she left her corporate career behind and launched herself into entrepreneurship and began her coaching career. Leaning on  almost two decades in the corporate world, she dedicated herself to helping women across multiple industries turn their ideas into thriving businesses. 
She’s passionate about helping women clarify their messaging and programming so its irresistible to those who need it. She’s focused on re-vamping her clients money and leadership mindset so their confidence matches their impact and income capabilities. And she and her clients work diligently to co-create the infrastructure of their business so they can handle leads, sales and fulfillment with ease and joy.

Corie and Kari chat all about mindset, clarity, and courage and what that looks like for entrepreneurs who are trying to scale their business.

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