The Easiest Way to Create Recurring Revenue with Stu Mclaren

business podcast Apr 13, 2021

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Have you ever wished your income was more consistent? Tired of the ups and downs of revenue and hoping your next launch is successful?

What if you could turn what you love and what you’re good at into reliable, recurring revenue?

A few years ago I launched my first membership and it’s all thanks to today’s special guest, Stu Mclaren. Stu is the membership guru (as I like to call him) and he has literally helped thousands upon thousands of people all over the world turn their passion into recurring revenue.

Stu helps experts, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and all types of business owners transform their knowledge, expertise and influence into recurring revenue by launching, growing and scaling membership businesses.

I am a personal student of Stu’s and can honestly tell you he is one of the most genuine people in this entrepreneurial space.

👉 And you won’t want to miss his free workshop series that’s starting April 22nd. Because I know how valuable this series is, and to offer YOU something special to support you in your journey, I’m offering a free popup group where I’ll share my takeaways from each of the 3 live workshops plus I’ll be doing a live Q&A to help you figure out if a membership is right for you!

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