Fangirl Your Friends

faith life Sep 08, 2015


Fangirl : a girl or woman who is an extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something

We've all been there. We #fangirl over celebrities all the time. Especially "Christian Celebrities." Most of the time these poor women haven't even asked for this. They're just doing their thing and their space is growing and all of us mature little Christian girls get a little crazy.

Totally guilty. I get inspired by someone and find some sort of connection and get attached. Thanks to social media I get glimpses of their real life and it gives me an illusion that we have an actual relationship.

Why are we so weird?

This is something that's been weighing heavy on me lately. As my circle expands and people get to know me through my business and social media accounts, I want them to know that I'm just Corie. I'm just doing my thing the best I can and moving forward one step at a time. I’m a wife, a mom, a friend. Corie. I just happen to make planners ;)

I'm constantly trying to keep my motives in check. I only want to be doing what God has asked me to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. I don't want fans I want friends. I want to inspire people to step out into their calling no matter how big or small they may think it is. Everything is big in God's eyes. This is not a competition, friends. We're all going to the same place in the end.

This weekend I had the privilege of spending an evening at Jen Hatmaker’s home with 200 women who were part of her book launch team. If I tried to explain what took place over the entire weekend, you'd think I was crazy. I actually can't even put it all into words because it really was so spiritual and personal. It was a glimpse of heaven. Not because we were at Jen's house. But because we were ourselves. We were vulnerable. We were sisters. We were fangirls. For each other.

And guess what. Jen was Jen. She was real and lovely and not a celebrity. She’s a wife and a mom and she loves her family and her precious church more than anything. This platform she’s been given {by God himself} is being used for good. Women are finding freedom and grace and love. This is good stuff. It’s not for her. It’s for the kingdom.

We can fangirl a little. We can be inspired and find ourselves in awe and wonder of what we see God doing in someone else's life. But instead of buying in to our celebrity culture and putting that person on some man-made platform, why don’t we try and take what’s inspired us and weave that into our own lives so that we can share it with our community. Instead of always looking at that “celebrity” look up to God and then out to your people. If we’re so focused on whom we’re fangirling over, we’re missing out on what’s happening right in our own little worlds.

I promise you your friends are doing amazing things. Whether it looks like it from the world’s perspective or not, they are. They are wiping baby bottoms and cleaning toilets. They’re writing books, serving at restaurants, and making coffee. They’re walking in their own little lanes that God as called them to and they need fans. Fans that know the intricate details of their lives. Fans that will pray them through the trenches. Fans that know when they need encouragement and when they just need a place to turn off their brain, have a margarita, and watch their favorite T.V. show. They need YOU. They need you to be their fangirl.

I want to challenge you to fangirl your friends like you would that "celebrity." Tell your friends what you love about them. Tell them what they inspire you to do, celebrate their uniqueness, buy them gifts, send them cards, and take selfies with them! If we start fangirling our friends I truly believe we will see more women stepping into their calling because they’ll know their friends have their back. They’ll know they have somewhere safe to land when things just suck and someone to pop open a bottle of champagne with when it’s time to celebrate.


**Since this was first posted, there have been many women #fangirling on their friends. They're blogging about them, tagging them on instagram, and more! Be sure to use the hashtag #fangirlyourfriends whenever you want to give your friends a shout out on social media.

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