Fear Hates The Truth

business faith life Jul 19, 2013


Fear is usually the main component in keeping you from doing something. Doing something that you love, that you dream, that you just might dare to try. This START experiment is teaching me so much about how little my fears actually are and some things that fear hates. We know it hates community and we know it hates 5 am. But one of the biggest things fear hates is the TRUTH! Why? Because fear is a LIAR!

If fear is a liar, then fear hates the truth.

Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.
Philippians 4:8

Earlier this week, Jon asked us to write down our fears. No matter how big or small, just write them down in a journal. You know what? It helped! Seeing those fears on paper made them seem small and insignificant. Like little lies just trying to hold me back. That alone made me realize that my fears were stupid little liars.

Today, Jon asked us to write truths below each fear. This was even more significant. Even though I already know that my fears are not truth, it helped to see the truth. When you punch fear in the face, bury it with the truth so that it never creeps back in to haunt you.

Here are some of mine. Doing this for you to see is actually way scarier than keeping them in my journal. But I hope it helps you to acknowledge yours and get rid of them

1. Failure
Truth: I was created by God. I am not a failure. Even if I don't succeed how I envision it, I have done more than most and God has me on this journey for a reason.

2. People talking about me
Truth: The things I have heard from people have all been good. If they are talking about me, I don't need them and they don't define who I am.

3. Not getting published
Truth: I write because it's what God has put in my heart. He sees my writing and knows every word that is yet to come out. He gave me the words!

4. Not buying a home
Truth: Even if we never buy a house we will always have a home. But God has promised land to His people and I am standing on that promise.

5. Not being able to provide
Truth: My husband is a hard worker and will always find a way to earn a living. We sow seed and God gives seed to the sower.

6. Succeeding and then failing in front of others                                                           Truth: If I am succeeding and inspiring, people who see me fail will be understanding and see that I am a real person.

7. I'm really not a writer
Truth: I am! That's who God made me to be.

Excuse me while I go barf.

See? It's done. They're written. They're buried by truth. Time to move on.

What are your fears? What's keeping you from living the dream that God planted in your heart?


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