Finding Work-Life Balance

business family life Aug 14, 2018

Work Life balance


Many say balance is a myth. I disagree. I am a firm believer in finding balance and know that it can be found if you truly desire it. But, balance is ever changing and in order to find that balance you have to know when it’s shifting so you can too.

When I set out to simplify our lives back in 2014, I quickly realized that our lives were completely out of balance. We were stretched so thin in every area of our lives that if there was a slight shift in one area, it would cause some sort of problem in another. When we created some margin in each area of our lives, it created a much more balanced lifestyle and peaceful atmosphere.

This is exactly how we find work-life balance.

We create margin. Know our values. And know when something needs to change.

Over the last four years, our lives have changed in the wildest way. We now run a full-fledged business from our home while raising three kids (two are homeschooled), serving at our church, and keeping up with a fairly “busy” life. I’m not going to tell you it’s been easy every step of the way. But I will tell you that taking some time to really asses our lives and being disciplined to maintain that balance has made the last four years some of the best of our lives.

No more exhaustion, no more burnout, no more overcommitment.

Finding Work-Life Balance

If you truly want to achieve work-life balance, here are my suggestions.

Know your why and your values. If you don’t know what you want your life to look like and don’t know your values, you’ll always be taking on things that truly aren’t important to you. This will create excess in any area of your life and lead to burnout.

Say no. Our society has become such a “yes” society. It’s ok to say no! Stop apologizing and learn to put yourself, your family, and your business first. Every time you say no to something unimportant, you’re giving room to a yes that has purpose and meaning for you and your family.

Have a plan. Simple but true. If you have a plan in place it’ll be much easier to stick to. Spend 15 minutes at the beginning of each week to make sure you know what’s going on in your life and business. Set work hours and family hours. Especially if you work from home. Believe me. I actually LOVE to work and if I don’t set and end time to my day, I’ll just keep working. I use my Purposeful Planner every single day.

Adjust with the seasons. Some seasons we are in full on business mode and can’t do a ton socially. And other times our business is on autopilot and we can take some time away. If you know you’re going into a season where your family will need extra love and support, set up your business / work with systems and processes ahead of time to give you that space.

This is where you’ll find that true work-life balance. You’ll be able to move with the ebb and flow of life and all its glorious ups and downs.

You can attain work-life balance if that’s truly what you want. Take some time to really figure out what you want and come up with a plan to achieve. Action brings clarity!

What are some ways that you maintain work-life balance?


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