Four Things You Can Do to Position Yourself in Uncertain Times

blog finance life podcast Jun 29, 2022

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I’m back!! It’s been a wild first half of the year. Heck, it’s been a wild couple of years! But I’m so excited to be back into my routine and bringing you tools and resources to help you live your life on purpose!

You’ve probably felt it at the gas station or when you’re paying for your groceries by now, but in case you haven’t noticed, we are going through some tough economic times. I don't know everybody's individual situation, and you may not really be affected by it. But some people really are.

If it is affecting you, it can create a lot of fear and chaos in your life. I was praying about this, and God just kind of gave me these words to share with you. So I wanted to offer you guys just a few quick tips to encourage those of you who might be feeling this more, and you might be getting overwhelmed, and it might be stressing you out.

Tune in to hear what’s been going on around here. As well as my…

Four Tips for Getting Through a Rough Economy

  • Pray
  • Protect
  • Prepare
  • Produce

And there’s even a bonus one for ya in the episode!

Plus, you can download this guide to help you work through these things and really come out on top!



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