How to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

health Aug 04, 2023

Sleeping is my favorite! And when you learn some of the tricks to sleeping better, you'll not only get the best sleep of your life, but you'll substantially improve your health too!

“High quality sleep fortifies your immune system, balances your hormones, boosts your metabolism, increases physical energy, and improves the function of your brain.”

Sleep Smarter, Shawn Stevenson

Several years ago, I read the book Sleep Smarter and it changed my life! I wrote a blog post about it here but it's a little outdated so this will be all my tips, tricks, & fav products in one quick post! Let's get back to it...

I'm currently going through my Natural Health series with my Purpose Society ladies and we just did a deep dive on sleep. If you want the deep dive as well as all the other classes I'm teaching you can join us HERE.

There is tons of information and studies in the book, Sleep Smarter, but I'm going to share my best tips and favorite products to help break it down for ya!

How to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

Timing is Everything:

Did you know you get the most beneficial in hormonal secretions and recovery between 10pm and 2am? Any sleep in addition to that is just icing on the cake. While I don't go to sleep at 10 every night, I've definitely stopped pulling all-nighters. Being a night owl might be fun but it's not the best as far as your health is concerned.

And the whole 8 hour concept isn't necessarily the best to live by. Your body actually goes through REM cycles which last about 90 minutes. If you wake up in the middle of one of those cycles, you'll feel exhausted no matter what. Even if it's been 10 hours! It's better to try to time your sleep as close to those rem cycles as possible. This means minimum of 4 1/2 hours, 6 hours, or 7 1/2 hours. Or if you're lucky, 9! By changing my sleep to 7 1/2 hours I was suddenly waking up more refreshed than ever. And trying to go to bed as close to the same time every night helps as well. My typical night's sleep is from 11pm-6:30am and if I ever go to bed later I push my wake-up time back as well or bump it up to the 6 hour mark.

This one shift alone, changed my life!

Get lots of natural sunlight. 

A good night sleep actually starts in the morning by getting early morning sunshine, outside, and letting my eyeballs soak it in. Don't worry, I don't stare at the sun. But I do look towards the sun and let it soak in. This helps keep your body's hormones balanced and reminds your body that it's time to be awake! It helps your body's circadian rhythm and that unfiltered Vitamin D is so good for you too! The sun is your friend :)



Use blue blocking glasses or some sort of app to keep the blue light from your screens from blazing into your eyes all day. I love the app f.lux for my mac And, I usually keep my phone on the night setting all day.

It gets dark at night for a reason! Using artificial light after the sun sets keeps your body from kicking into rest and sleep mode. Looking at your screens close to your bed time. Use candles and dim lights as much as possible.

Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

No one wants to fall asleep in a mess! Clutter in your home = clutter in your mind! A clean and tidy room will do wonders for a good night sleep.

Invest in some high quality, organic bedding as well. The health benefits from using linen are astounding! That on top of an organic mattress is going to be heaven for your body. I won't go into it here but the toxins seeping from your traditional mattress are not good and they do not go away. They seep into your skin every single night. Barf!

Be sure to keep your room as dark as possible and between 65º-68º. If you need to, invest in some black out curtains because even the smallest bit of light can disrupt your sleep.

Create a Bedtime Routine

I start this about an hour before bed and really try to go to bed at the same time every night. And the best part about a routine is, once it's established, you don't have to think about it anymore!

1. Stop looking at phone / screens

2. Tidy up the kitchen and get the dishwasher started

3. Tidy up my room so I'm not looking at clutter when I'm trying to relax. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary!

4. Turn on diffuser with calming oils. I love Rocky Mountain Oils

5. Turn on salt lamp (and turn off any other bright lights)

6. Wash my Face with toxin free products that will calm and nourish my skin while I sleep

Next, I'll take all my good night goodies:

1. Tart cherry juice - this has natural melatonin - This organic one is my fav

2. Magnesium - restores my body's muscles while I sleep - I like this brand

3. Total Body Detox - get all the toxins I was exposed to throughout the day out of my body safely and gently - Get $10 off HERE

4. Sleep Balm - Get this here + $10 off! This is my favorite part of my bed time routine!! This is made with living ingredients and I'm pretty sure this is what heaven will smell like. I rub some on the palms of my hands and inhale it for about 30 seconds. Then I'll rub it on my wrists and the bottom of my feet. Sometimes I'll even put a little dab right below my nose so I inhale it all night. This stuff is bomb!

**Also! When I'm traveling I make sure I have a clip for the curtains to keep them shut as well as a sleep mask! There's nothing worse than being woken up early in the morning to a bright room. That will tell your body it's time to wake up!

What are your tips for getting the best sleep ever? 

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Please consult your doctor for any medical advice. I'm just a wife, mom, and business owner who is doing her best to support the body God gave her with the things He made for us to use!




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