Ep 24: Getting Out of The Entrepreneurial Slump

business podcast Jun 21, 2019

Episode 24: Getting Out of The Entrepreneurial Slump 


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In this episode Corie shares how to get out of that slump we all find ourselves in from time to time.

The key lies in how we show up every day.

If we show up as the CEO or the person we are wanting to become, even before our business has found the success we're after, we can pull ourselves out and find success much quicker.

Who are you trying to become? What kind of business owner do you want to be? What kind of spouse, parent, or friend do you want to be?

You have to start showing up as that person now. Don’t wait for the right circumstance. Don’t wait for more money or a better job or that breakthrough launch.

You will start to see massive progress and success in every area of your life if you show up as the person you’re trying to become.


I recently read the book eMyth Revisited (which I highly recommend) and the author shares the story of  Tom Watson, former CEO of IBM

Here is what Tom Watson said when asked the secret to their success:

IBM is what it is today for three special reasons. The first reason is that, at the very beginning, I had a very clear picture of what the company would look like when it was finally done.

The second reason was that once I had that picture, I then asked myself how a company which looked like that would have to act. I then created a picture of how IBM would act when it was finally done.

The third reason IBM has been so successful was that once I had a picture of how IBM would look when the dream was in place and how such a company would have to act, I then realized that, unless we began to act that way from the very beginning, we would never get there.

In other words, I realized that for IBM to become a great company it would have to act like a great company long before it ever became one.

These are the things you need to have:

  • A clear picture of what your business will look like when it’s finished
  • How will that business operate and act
  • Start acting that way now

Think about the person you want to become. The business you want to run. The CEO you want to be. And start acting like that. Show up that way every day.
Does that person sleep in? Is that person messy? Does that person exercise?

People often say, “I’m not disciplined!” and I honestly don’t think anyone is naturally disciplined. We’re all human. Our flesh is weak. Discipline is learned. Discipline takes practice.

The definition of discipline is: to train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.

Here’s how I’ve done this:

I’ve written out a vision of what I want my company to look like at it’s completion. Gotten very detailed about it. Who works there, how much revenue, what we offer, etc.

Then I wrote down the CEO I would be. What I would be doing on a daily basis.

  • What would my relationships look like?
  • What would my health look like?
  • What would my habits be?

As much detail as possible.

Once I went through that process, I came up with non-negotiables. And I do those every day. Reading my Bible every day. Walking every day. Showing up every day.

When you're just starting out you can schedule it if you have to. Come up with your non-negotiables and stick to them. You owe it to yourself!

Do whatever it takes to start showing up as the person you want to become. The more you do this, the easier it will get and the easier it will be to pull yourself out of those slumps!

Comment below and tell me: How can you show up as the person you are trying to become? 

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