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faith life Apr 17, 2014

Our Messes Are All Different

I have a confession to make. I'm supposed to share my messy beautiful story on Momastery and I was very excited when I signed up to do it. But then fear gripped me and told me that my story isn't messy at all. This is true.

I've lived a pretty good life. I was raised in a loving, Christian home. I get along with my parents, siblings, cousins, the whole bit. My childhood was a walk in the park. I mean, I broke my arm and had to move across the state. But those weren't horrible things.

I always was a good girl. Always got good grades. Never smoked pot. NEVER.

I'm even in a very healthy, solid marriage. I can honestly say I'm IN LOVE with my husband. This doesn't mean we've never fought or been irritated. Of course we have. The two hardest things we've been through were losing our house and my husband losing his job. But this stuff happens all the time. And people get through it.

My kids are all healthy and very well behaved. And I'm not just saying that. People actually tell me they're angels.

So you can see why I feel like I'm not worthy of sharing my messy story. I just really don't have one.

Unless, you look into my mind and my heart.

I may have had an easy life so far, but no matter how easy it is, I still battle my demons. I still battle my mind and my fears. I feel that I'm not good enough or smart enough or strong enough. I still need grace.

I could not get through a single day without God's grace. I couldn't love my kids for who they are without God's grace. I couldn't love my husband without God's grace.

Every. Single. Day. I have to start over. I have to thank Him for the day and for the trials and for the joy. When I don't, I'm a hot mess. For reals, folks. When I don't accept the grace and actually walk in it and extend it to others, you would think I was a mad woman. My poor husband and kids have seen said madness and it is NOT PRETTY!

And then I beat myself up again.

So no matter how easy my life may seem. It just really isn't unless I live in grace. I love what Bob Goff says. "Live in grace, walk in love."

It may not be messy but I sure think it's beautiful.

So for all of you out there that feel you don't have a messy beautiful story, you do. Our messes are all different. It's what we choose to do with them that makes them BEAUTIFUL! {Click to Tweet that}

Carry on, warriors.

You can buy Glennon's book, Carry On, Warrior now available in paperback at Amazon.

I want to know. What makes your messy story beautiful? Answer in the comments below.



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