Growing Into Our Dreams

life Jul 08, 2013

Remember when you were a child, and it felt like growing up took forever? My daughter was just given her first pair of pointe shoes by her ballet instructor. She's been taking ballet since she was 4 and her goal since then has been pointe. When she came home from ballet last week and told me the news, she was beaming! I don't think I've seen her that happy since we won our trip to Australia!

She looked at me with an extra sparkle in her eyes and said, "I've waited seven years for this!"

Wow! That's more than half of her little life that she's been waiting for something. To start dancing in pointe shoes, your feet are supposed to be full grown {or at least pretty close}. This doesn't happen until you're about 11 or 12. Even though she is an amazing dancer, and the rest of her body was ready for pointe, her feet weren't ready. If she started too early, she could permanently damage her feet.

And so it is with life. Sometimes we have a dream for our life, and we know it will come to fruition, but we just have to grow up first. As I look back over my life, I've always wanted to be a writer. That doesn't mean I should have been doing this 10 years ago. I needed to grow up first. I may have damaged myself or someone else by putting myself out there and not being quite ready.

Could I have? Definitely.

Should I have? Probably not.

I'm so thankful for the place I am and the road it's taken to get here. It has all played a part in who I am and who God is shaping me to be.

Whatever your dream is, DREAM BIG!

And allow God to grow you up a bit too.

It's worth the wait. It's worth the stretching and growing pains.


How are you growing into your dream?



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