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How to Homeschool With Confidence with Serena Ryan

homeschool podcast Apr 06, 2021

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Whether you’re homeschooling because you chose to, homeschooling because of the pandemic, or maybe even considering homeschooling, you’ve probably felt a lack of confidence at some point or another.

As a homeschooler of over 13 years, I can honestly say I’ve felt this creep in time and time again.

But the truth of the matter is, being a confident homeschooler is easier to achieve than it may seem. Even when you are a work from home mom / entrepreneur!

My guest today, Serena Ryan, is the founder of The Confident Homeschooler. After a turbulent start homeschooling her own children, she became passionate about helping other parents with an interest to homeschool their children, get started on their journey with success and confidence. She loves spreading awareness on the beauty of homeschooling and empowering parents. You can find resources & more information at.

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