How Safe Are You?

faith life Dec 10, 2013

Fear No Evil

I've always been one to take a risk, go out on a limb, try something new. It's just in my blood.

I often forget that this is actually rare. My husband for instance, is not as risky as I am. I wouldn't say he's the exact opposite, but he's definitely floating somewhere on the opposite end of the spectrum as I am!

This year has brought many risks for me and all have been pretty attainable. For the most part, all I was risking was my own personal comfort and I learned that it's actually quite rewarding to take a risk and punch fear in the face. It's helped me realize what I was made to do and how I can help others realize that too.

How much are you willing to risk, to go out on that limb God is calling you to? How far will you go?

Will you stay close to the trunk of the tree, where the limb is strong and sure to hold your weight?

What if He's calling you further, to where the limb is starting to bow and shake? Will you trust Him?

We had to make a decision as a family recently that was really stretching us. Taking us to the edge of the limb, to the point where we were starting to question whether or not it was God that was calling us there. It was scary and we were shaking and holding on for dear life. But we did it. And we have found so much freedom in that decision.

Would it have been easy to NOT go out on that limb? Of course! To just sit on that limb, close to the trunk where I could lean up against it and even kick my feet up would have been nice. I could have stayed, looked the other way, and pretended life was grand. And would we be punished by God for playing it safe? I don't believe so. But I DO believe that we will be blessed for being obedient. For putting our utmost trust in His plan for us. Even though we don't know what the exact future holds.

And sometimes, that's the problem with the limb. We don't know how the story will play out. When we stay close to the trunk and in our own safe comfortable place, we can practically predict the future.

But that's boring. That's safe. That's exactly where the enemy wants us.

Once again, we are being called out on a limb. A limb that could change our lives completely. It could wreck us and probably will. But it will strengthen us too. It just might give us the opportunity of a life time.

As I inch my way down that limb, steadying myself with wisdom and grace, I will continue to go where He calls me. {Tweet This}

I'd rather be covered by Him taking the risk of a lifetime then playing it safe and be against His desires for me. If it is the place He is calling me, it is the safest place I can be.

And if that limb breaks we will learn to trust again and go out on the next.

What limb are you being called to go out on?


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