How to Get Started

business life Aug 06, 2018

One of the most common questions I'm asked is, "How do I get started?"

And the answer is a lot easier than you might think.

You see, you don't need money. Or a college degree. You don't even need to know what your end goal is.

All you need is to simply need to get started.

I know, I know, you want all the little details. You want a step by step action plan and a guide to lead you and show you exactly how to take that first step. But for reals, sister, there is NO GUIDE! There is no 5 simple steps to get started. Although I could certainly make some up and give them to you if I wanted to ;)

If I've learned anything the last four years of running this multiple six-figure business, it's that you just have to start.

Want to know how I started?

I started by writing one blog post. That led to more blog posts which then lead to a book. Then, the book led a planner, and then courses, and finally a VIP Member's Lounge. Do you think I knew that one blog post would lead me to where I am today?

No. Way!

Action brings clarity

Take that one idea you have or that one dream or that one goal, no matter how big or small, and take the first step. That's it. I promise you that first step will bring you clarity. It might lead to something amazing! Or, it might lead to a realization that it's not what you wanted at all. Either way, you will find more clarity than you have now.

So stop waiting for the perfect time or more money or another class. Just take ONE STEP in the direction you think you might be headed. And don't freak out if your path leads you somewhere unexpected. I never would have dreamed that one blog post would lead to where I am today.

What is it that you need to start?

If you're ready to take that first step, my completely free Purposeful Business Challenge will be perfect for you! Our next challenge starts in just a few weeks so be sure to sign up below!


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