How to Get Started With Biohacking with Amber Langley-Gill

health podcast Apr 20, 2021

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This week, Corie chats with Amber Langley-Gill about how to get started with biohacking so that you can live your most optimal life. Amber shares three simple things you can start doing right away to become a biohacking babe. 

Amber Langley-Gill is an author, coach, and the founder of Biohacker Babe Academy. Formerly an emergency/critical care veterinarian, she quickly shifted her focus from veterinary medicine to brain + gut health when her twins were born prematurely. As she embarked on a personal mission to heal her own health and the health of her family, she wrote a book about her simple hacks for optimal brain + gut health called, NO BRAINER.

Following her passion for helping people to improve their quality of life from the inside out, Amber now coaches high-level women entrepreneurs to master their time and energy through biohacking so they can unplug at the end of the day without guilt + be fully present in their lives.

In addition to coaching biohacking babes, Amber is a proud member of Team Wedmore and also spends her days homeschooling her twins “The Gillies”. Her big dream is to one day own and run a therapeutic Equestrian ranch with her family.

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