I'm Trying Not To Judge You

faith life Sep 24, 2013

Ice Heart

A couple of weeks ago, while we were doing our back to school shopping, I stumbled upon a very common incident. Especially, at this time of year.

There are clothes to be bought because we realized our kids grew  6 inches over the summer, school supply lists from the school {which absolutely make no sense at all. My mom never had to supply a classroom with basic necessities.}, papers to sign, lunches to be packed, you know the drill.

We were standing in the boy’s section at Target picking out some new clothes for our 8 year old. He was so excited to be getting new clothes and nervous to be starting a new school. I could literally see his emotions beaming through his eyes.

Suddenly, my son’s excitement was interrupted by an awful noise. A raging mother. She was talking extremely loud {yelling} at her son, who also appeared to be 8 years old. My first thought was that the child must have been acting up, but all I kept hearing was the mother.

My heart shattered into a million pieces as I listened to the mom yell at the child about a shirt that she was NOT going to buy him because it wasn’t in his size. The child would calmly try to explain to his mom that the shirt fit. He never yelled, whined, or demanded a thing.

This continued as they walked through the boy’s section. The little boy was being so kind and patient, while the mother was NOT!

Ugh! It took everything inside of me to not walk over and give her a piece of my mind. This poor little boy was probably just as excited as my son as he walked through the doors of Target, only to be yelled at.

As quickly as my judgmental thoughts came into my mind, I was reminded that I do not know the whole story. I do not know what this mom is going through. Maybe the child was throwing a raging fit in the car on the way over. Maybe her husband is battling cancer. Maybe she doesn’t even have a husband. Maybe she is battling cancer.

I have no idea what she is going through. And maybe, just maybe, when she woke up this morning, she had every intention of being the best mom she could and not yelling at her kids.

It’s so hard not to judge people when we’re looking through our unfiltered human eyes. We see everything that’s wrong and nothing that’s right.  We’re so quick to think we know it all and have an answer for everything.

If only we could look through God’s eyes. Through His filters.

We can take the most unappealing photos of ourselves, crop out what we don’t want people to see and put a pretty filter on it. Bam, we look like we suddenly lost 10 pounds and have a nice suntan.

What if we did that when we look at others. Crop out what we want to judge and filter out the bad stuff that they aren’t happy about either, and just see them for the beautiful people that they truly are.

It can be so easy to love the people who tell us they’re broken, but what about the people who are hiding it. Or the people who don’t even realize it? Instead of casting judgment at their first mistake, let’s just love them. Let’s filter out the bad and see the good.

This can be tough, but I challenge you to try not to judge.

What do you do when you feel judgment creeping in? Share in the comments below.




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