If We Could Just Trust Him

faith life Oct 31, 2013

God provides us with everything we could possibly need. We have the responsibility of taking those things, clinging to them, and using them for the right purpose.

When we think about other living things in this world, they allow God to take care of them and they do their part in return. Why is it so hard for us to do the same?

A tree allows its roots to grow deep and wide into the soil so that it can be firmly planted. It absorbs the water that is poured out from the rain that God sends. It reaches to the sky and faces the sun. When other trees are creeping in it rises above them to receive the light. It goes dormant in the winter when it is in danger of being killed off, but remains alive. It bears new fruit each year, in its due time. Then, releases the fruit to start the process all over again.

It doesn't argue with God. It doesn't question what season it's in or if the sun will even shine. It doesn't say no when God says it's time to go dormant and protect itself or when it's time to release it's fruit.

But all too often, we question every rhythm of life. We don't trust God's timing or seasons.

We don't let our roots sink deep into the rich soil that He's provided us. And usually when He rains down his love, we let it roll off of our backs instead of soaking it in. We don't turn towards God to let his light shine on us and through us or come out of the dark to let him in. We want to bear fruit, amazing rich fruit, all year long.

If we could learn from creation how to let God love us and provide for us, then do our part in return, we would be walking in His plan.

If we could just trust Him.

What do you do when you need to put your trust in Him? Answer in the comments below.


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