It's Okay to be Good

faith life Sep 04, 2013

its ok to be good

You ever had something you needed to get off your chest? Like, you know you need to say it, but you just aren't sure how people will take it? Yeah, that's how I feel about this. It's been brewing for a while and I just couldn't find the words. And it may make some people mad but that is so far from the point. The point of this is to encourage and to inspire. To remind you all that it is okay to be good. It's okay to want more in life. It's okay to achieve great things.

There is an epidemic of imperfection. I'm afraid it's already gone too far for some.

We've emerged from an era of perfectionism into an era of raw, imperfect, real, not so normal beings. And suddenly, it's become the cool thing to do.

It's cool when your kids drive you insane and you tell the world about it.
It's cool when you want a drink at 1 pm {not water}.
It's cool to have pity parties with yourself and your friends.

Because it's real. It REALLY is how thousands of people feel all over the world and we REALLY can relate. And it feels good to know there's someone out there that knows exactly how you feel. Believe me. I know those feelings. I've felt every one. On multiple occasions. Yesterday.

But why does this have to be the trend? Why can't the trend be enjoying our children and husbands, waiting until dinner to have a glass of wine, having OTHER conversations with our friends besides ripping our husbands to shreds or gossiping?

There is no way I want to raise my daughter to believe there's nothing more important than a glass of wine and wishing I had more "me time."

This is not about me wanting to live the perfect fake life that we've seen women in era's past live. This is about being covered by grace to know that I am imperfect. Being covered by a perfect God who loves me too much to not allow me to want more.

I was not given a hard working man that sheds blood, sweat, and tears for his family just to turn around and nag at him the second he walks in the door from work.

I was not given 3 beautiful children to wish them away and sneak off to my room for peace and quiet.

I was created for more. For far bigger things than I could dream up on my own.

Being a wife and a mom and an ANYTHING these days is hard! I get that.

But I have faith in a God who is bigger. I have faith in myself and all of you that we can be good. We can do good. We can achieve greatness.

It's okay to mess up and get frustrated and want to call it quits. But it's okay to do good too. {Tweet That}

It's okay to play with our kids.
It's okay to love our spouses.
It's okay to talk to our friends about good things.
It's okay to try and be better at something that everyone else has let go of.

Instead of celebrating the imperfections of our humanity, can we just acknowledge them, accept them, and move on? Step out of that comfort zone and try to be better?



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