Life Lessons at a Taylor Swift Concert

life Aug 26, 2013


Last week, I took my 11 year old daughter, Morgan, to her very first Taylor Swift concert. Morgan's been a fan for as long as she's known there was a Taylor Swift and we got her the tickets for Christmas last year. She had been counting down all year long and the big night was finally here.

I remember being 11 and loving Amy Grant. I literally thought we could probably be friends. When you're 11, you don't know how big the world actually is and your mind isn't filled with the hopelessness that growing up brings. It was surreal to live this night out through my daughter's eyes. I was pleasantly surprised with some life lessons that I was reminded of as the night went on.

Time moves faster than we ever want it to. Morgan bought her very first outfit from the junior's section {and rocked it I might add} in an effort to look like Taylor. When I saw my daughter dressed and ready to go, in an outfit she picked out completely on her own, a little part of me died. I no longer pick out the cool outfits or even need to give her fashion advice. She has passed me up there. In fact, I have to go to her for advice on what's cool now ;) What happened to my baby?

You're never too young to wear red lipstick. Of course, I wouldn't let my daughter just wear red lipstick anywhere. But, this was a special occasion. And it was the RED Tour after all! When's the last time you did something for fun? Just because you could?

You're never too young to live out your dream. Taylor Swift is the epitome of living out your dream and doing it well. Where would she be had her parents not allowed her to flourish in her gifts? She was allowed to grow in her gifting and pursue her dreams. Look where she is now! How many people are not living their dreams because they were told they were too young?

There's always hope. My daughter made a sign for the concert because she hoped to get chosen to go the "T-Party" afterwards. Did I know the odds of her actually getting chosen? Of course! Was I going to shatter her hope by laying it all out for her? No way! I want her to dream and hope and believe. She held that poster the entire concert with a little glow stick in front of it {I'm guessing so it was more noticeable}. I knew her chances were slim but I had hope too. How often does the world strip all hope away from us to the point that we wouldn't even make a sign and give it a go? If there's even a sliver of hope to be had, hang on to it with all you've got!

You can still sell out Staple's Center and put on an amazing show without being a skank. Yes, I said skank! I love the fact that I can take my daughter to a sellout concert with a mega star and not be exposed to trash. I think you all know what I'm talking about after last night's VMA show and our beloved "Hannah." Sex sells and too many people these days turn to it for the shock factor.

Don't let haters keep you from rising to the top. After years of ridicule, Taylor proves over and over she has what it takes. She said, during the concert, "No matter who you are, people are going to pick on you. Ruthlessly." She was right, she sold out 4 shows at Staple's Center last week and actually surpassed Madonna and Justin Timberlake {who only have 7 sellouts} with 11 sellouts at Staples Center! You go girl! No matter what she does to prove herself, people still hate her. It's sad really. She's loathed by so many for one reason or another but do they even know her?  How many people have given up because they listen to the voices of people they don't even know? Luckily, Taylor listens to the right voices.

It was a wonderful night with my daughter, mom, and sister. It was filled with Red lipstick, dreams, laughter, and fun. But, little did I know I would walk away with some life lessons in my heart.

What are some life lessons you've found in unexpected places?


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