New Age & Enneagram Deception with Jessi Green

faith podcast Mar 22, 2022

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Corie continues the conversation about New Age lies.

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This week, Corie & Jessi Green dive into the deception of the New Age Movement and the Enneagram and the dangers that can open us up to. Listen in as we talk about how we have everything we need in Jesus and what it looks like to be radically obedient to him.

Jessi is a passionate revivalist and preaches the Gospel with power, shaking religious systems, casting out demons and equipping the Saints to be full of fire and making disciples of Jesus. Alongside her husband Parker Green, they lead Saturate Global, a grassroots revival movement baptizing thousands and awakening the nations to the resurrection power in Jesus!  She believes that everyone is qualified to share the Good News and challenges status quo Christianity in her most recent book “Wildfires”. Jessi resides near the coast in North Carolina with her husband and three children, when not traveling around the nation visiting churches, setting up tents on fields and calling people to run into the ocean from coast to coast calling all who will listen to “Repent, Be Baptized, and Go ALL IN!”

Episode 74 Show notes: 

3:36- Jessi Introduction - How we met, what Jessi and her husband, Parker, are currently doing - leading revival across the nation. Beach baptisms, features in the LA Times, and much more.

8:45- New Age is deceiving a lot of Christians
9:30- Enneagram tough love
14:41- New Age stuff works. But it’s opening yourself up to other demonic things.
16:30- The books I got rid of (New Age & other entrepreneurs I have no respect for anymore)
18:30- Most churches aren’t teaching who the Holy Spirit is. 
20:50- We are created in the image of God. 
24:39- The fruit will bear out. Trust that God will bring things into the light. 
28:10- We have the personal responsibility to know God’s word and to be filled with the Holy Spirit 
31:09- The little ideas that lead us astray. Following our own will, dreams, purposes, etc.
34:50- Being obedient to God over anything else.
36:00- Putting family first
37:49- God is real and so much is available to us. Hunger for more.
40:00- Hearing from God
44:00- The nature of God and how he blesses us and fills us with joy
48:00- Entrepreneurship and obeying God
58:00- New Age movement is robbing Christians of sowing and reaping
1:10:30- Obedience - Lent & Fasting


We are so uniquely created by God to do His will on earth, that we would never fit into just nine sub-categories. God’s way too creative. We’re putting God in a box by limiting humanity to nine categories.
It’s in his presence while we spend time with him we can actually discover, “Hey, Jesus, what things make me come alive? What are the unique talents you’ve given me? What are things you want me to do to demonstrate your love on this earth that maybe is totally different from the way someone else would do it?”


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Jessi Green’s Book Wildfires
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