One Thing I Know We Have In Common

life Jun 27, 2013

I know, for a fact, that you and I have something in common.

People are often asked whether they are a leader or a follower. It's really a stupid question {I know, I know. There are no stupid questions}. In some way, shape, or form, we are all leaders. People are watching us wherever we go, whether we like it or not.  Therefore, we are both leaders whether we like it or not!

We lead by our actions which means…

We lead in our homes.
We lead in our work.
We lead in our school.
We lead in our errands.
We lead in our social media.
We lead in our lacking.

If anyone is watching, we are leading.

If we're all leaders, are we leading in the right direction? If we really think about it and focus on doing our best, at whatever it is we’re doing, then we’ll be leading in the right direction. Or, at least a good one!

I’m not talking about being perfect. Oh, heck no! I’m talking about being real. Being honest. Being faithful. Being an imperfect human who serves a perfect God that has grace to cover my crap.

I screw up.

All. Day. Every. Day.

Not only are my neighbors, friends, and even grocery clerks watching, my kids are watching!! But I’m actually glad they see me fail. When I screw up and fail at motherhood for the day, I apologize. They see the real me. They see that I screw up and that I apologize and that I try try again.

That’s what I want them to do. I want them to try their best. And I want them to fail once in a while because I want them to know it’s ok and they can try again!


Who is watching you and what are they seeing?


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