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business faith life Jul 29, 2013


We are over 1/2 way through 2013 and I'm kind of giving myself a little reality check. At the beginning of the year, I shared on my other site that my word for 2013 is Expectant. Since many of you may not follow that site, I wanted to share with you why I chose that word and where I stand with my goals for the year.

And no, I'm not expectING!

2012 was an amazing year for us as a family and especially for me personally. We found HOME with new friends and family at our church, grown spiritually and as a family, tested our faith, seen God’s miracles… the list goes on.  I know that His promises are all over His word for a reason and that is why I chose the word “Expectant” for 2013.  Not only do I believe in God and his promises, I am expectant for all He has for me and my family for this coming year!

Here are the goals I set for 2013:

Read my Bible in a Year {and keep a journal}
Read more books
Write more Play more
Get more organized in all areas of my life {one bite at a time}
Stay “Body & Soul” all year long


So far, so good. I've stayed with my goals for the most part. Probably my biggest struggle has been Body & Soul. Some things that I was not expecting came up this year. At the beginning of April, my aunt, Kathy, passed away. Then, less than 3 weeks later, my Grammy passed away. Both of these events added trips away from home and lots of eating out. Not that it's an excuse but I definitely was not living the healthy lifestyle I would hope for! Oh well, must move on. We're getting back on track and it shouldn't be long before I'm where I want to be!
As far as my word, "Expectant," I think I chose wisely. God continues to blow my mind. I am constantly to growing and being stretched and it leaves me expecting more. Not that I deserve it, but because it's what God promises to His children.


I absolutely love this quote and believe that it is how I am living my life. I am fully committed to building God's church and it has been so beautifully woven into my everyday life, that I don't notice a difference any more. I pray that this quote can be an example of your life as well.


Question: What would you name your year? What goals have you set and what do you need to get back on track with?



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