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family home life simplicity Oct 03, 2016

Simplify Meal Planning with Purposeful Planner and MyFreezEasy

Purposeful Living is not just about setting goals and living them out. There is so much more involved and you've got to simplify some key areas of your life if you want the margin it takes to live on purpose. In my book, The Simplicity Project, I talk about four key areas that need to be simplified in order to find peace and purpose.

4 Areas to simplify

  • Health
  • Home
  • Finances
  • Time

Most of the times these areas bleed into each other and by simplifying one thing you in fact simplify all of them.

This is why I'm a HUGE fan of menu planning! It keeps you healthy, saves you time, and saves you lots of money! And we all could use a little more of that, right?! As much as I'm a huge fan of menu planning for those reasons, I'm not a fan of actually sitting down with recipes, making the plan, making my grocery list, yada yada yada.



That is why I'm so excited to share MyFreezEasy with you! MyFreezEasy was created by Erin Chase and it takes freezer cooking to the next level. As in, the level that I don't have to think about it! Each month you get access to EIGHT new meal plans, each with TEN meals in them. Hello, variety! Erin has taken all of the brain-work out of this and makes it incredibly quick and easy to prep these meals. You can have 10-12 meals prepped in one hour! One hour, you say? Yes! One hour!


Plus, she has a premium plan that I just love. All I have to do is log on, browse the meals, click and drag the ones I want into my meal plan and print.  It gives me each recipe, my grocery shopping list, and instructions on how to prep each meal! Erin is amazing and has thought of everything with this program. You can browse the meals by type of protein, cooking method, or dietary restrictions. Genius, right

Another reason I love this plan is that it's not every single meal. It's enough meals to prep and throw in the freezer to fill in on nights I know will be crazy. It takes a huge chunk of my prep work and planning time out and still leaves room for us to go out to eat, make family favorites, or just have some leftovers.

Either plan is 200% worth it in my opinion. It saves me time, money, and sanity!



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