Simply Sabbath

faith life Oct 05, 2014

Simply Sabbath

I recently read Jen Hatmaker's book, Seven, and there was a section of the book where she talked about honoring the Sabbath. It was a beautiful chapter and I cried through most of it. I cried because I longed for Sabbath with my family. I cried because I felt the Holy Spirit drawing me in and saying, this is a gift I have given YOU. Not just Jen.

SabbathSunday, observed by Christians as the day of worship and rest from work in commemoration of Christ's Resurrection

And then my mind got technical. Well, Ryan's schedule is cray cray. He sometimes works nights, sometimes works days, sometimes gets the day off, and we never know this until the afternoon of said schedule.

I know.

And Sunday's we have church so although it's rest form "work," it's not technically rest because we're driving and serving and get home late and wiped out. Well, we could do Saturday..No. Morgan has Nutcracker rehearsal. All. Freakin. Day. Ok. Monday. Nope. School. Work. Chores.

Yada yada yada.

And I'm guessing your schedule looks similar. Like you probably don't have an entire 24 hour period to devote to Sabbath, right?

sabbath(not capitala period of rest

Enter God's grace. That little lowercase s reminded me of God's grace. And while we may not be able to take an entire 24 hour period in this season, we can take a period of rest. And it may not ever look the same but it needs to be done. I have to be intentional about giving my family a period of rest. Right now, that's our Sunday morning to early afternoon. We serve at the evening services so we don't have to leave our home until about 2:30. We sleep in, drink coffee, make brunch, just be. And for now, it's enough.

I still long for the season when we can honor a traditional Sabbath. Even if it's just once a month. There's something so spiritual about powering down, breaking bread together, and enjoying the rest that only the Father can give. For now, I will be intentional about finding sabbath moments in each week. Even in each day.

How do you honor the Sabbath?

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