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Ep 33: From Single Mom to Realtor Coach with Jordan English

business podcast Feb 18, 2020

Interview with Jordan English - Realtor Mom Coach

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Jordan English is a wife, a mama of two babies, the co-owner of a real estate team, a podcaster, and a lifestyle entrepreneur! Her journey began as a single mom at 19 years old trying to find consistent income to support her little family. Fast forward to today, she has an accounting degree under her belt, she is a licensed realtor, and she is pursuing a life by her design! 

Her mission is to help mamas in real estate become top producers without losing time with their babies. She believes that mamas have the right to pursue their dreams, build big businesses, AND be great mamas! 

In today’s episode Corie and Jordan have a casual conversation about entrepreneurship and all its ups and downs including raising babies and growing a business and navigating friendships as an entrepreneur.

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