Ep 46: Social Media Tips for Organic Growth

business podcast May 05, 2020

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Social media is your gateway to a six figure business and beyond. And no matter what the haters say, you can still increase your traffic and sales organically and you don’t have to spend a ton of money on ads.

Organic growth and traffic is STILL a thing.

Organic traffic might feel like it’s on it’s death bed but it is not dead yet and you should not be dismissing it. Don’t give up on your audience!

Even if your reach has dropped, you still have some reach. And that reach is still actual people seeing you! That means you have a chance  to show your authority, serve, share, and make an offer to SOMEONE!

When you DO want to spend money on ads, they’re going to perform better because you've paid attention and created a warm audience.

And while, email may be king, how do you expect people to get on your list if you're not using social media strategically?

Here are my top tips for staying in the social media game and using it to create momentum in your business:

1. Show up. Even when it’s crickets. Even when you don’t feel like it’s working.

2. Optimize your profile on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

3. Know who you’re talking to. 

4. Give them a call to action. 

5. Share engaging content. 

6. Schedule it! 

Tune into the episode to hear me expand on each of these tips!

My two favorite scheduling tools are Smarterqueue and Plann

Smarterqueue: I use this to schedule my Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter posts. You can choose to make posts evergreen which is amazing for repurposing content on autopilot! CLICK HERE to get 30 days free! (normally only 14 day trial but 30 days when you use my link)

Plann: I use Plann to schedule my Instagram posts. I love the desktop version so I can upload an entire image library (all my stock photos, quotes, branding images, and more!), type out my posts, save hashtags, see my best times to post, etc!
CLICK HERE to create your account and save $10 if you upgrade within 30 days. There is a free plan but the discount will apply to upgrades within 30 days. I prefer the paid plan!

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