Summer Drink Recipe: Prosecco & Popsicles

family home life recipes Jul 01, 2016

Prosecco & Popsicle Cocktails

There's nothing better than a nice cold glass of bubbly on a hot day. Oh, wait. There is something better. Bubbly with a popsicle!

I was in New York recently and visited the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar where the specialty was a glass of Prosecco with a homemade ice pop in it. They were deelish! I of course needed to recreate these beauties.

Now, I'm not the kind to make my own ice pops but there are definitely some delicious, real fruit, popsicles out there that get the job done!

All you need is your favorite Prosecco and a fruit flavored popsicle. Voila! You have yourself a delicious, ice cold cocktail that's too cute for words!


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