My Top Five Apps to Manage, Save & Make Money

finance wealth Jul 26, 2022

Financial literacy has become so important to me and I’ve committed to expanding my knowledge on all things money this year. And if you know me, you know simplicity is extremely important. I am not a fan of just downloading apps for no apparent reason and then never using them.

The following apps are my top five when it comes to money and I actually use them in some shape or form almost daily! Some of them are for sure daily, others are automatic and I check in weekly. But all five are a must for me!

My top Five Apps to Manage, Save & Make Money


Apps to help me manage


Credit Karma - Just recently started using this and I’m so bummed I haven’t been using it longer!


Ignoring your score is not going to help it get better! Credit Karma is a FREE app that shows you what your current score is as well as offers tips on how to raise it.

Some of my favorite Credit Karma features:

  • They send you credit alerts if anything important changes on your TransUnion credit report.
  • Financial calculators
  • Educational articles
  • Curated offers with approval odds before you apply, without impacting your scores
  • Thousands of member reviews on credit cards, loans and more – so you can make a more informed decision.

👉 Join Credit Karma for FREE here

Personal Capital

This is a new to us app and I am LOVING it! It’s by far the easiest way to have a pulse on all of your accounts both cash and debt as well as investment accounts. It helps you categorize your spending for easy budgeting and see what your net worth is on a daily basis.

My favorite features:

Easily link all of your financial accounts (IRAs, 401ks, mortgages, loans, checking, credit cards, savings) to see your net worth and get an overview of your money.
Seeing your net worth on a daily basis gives you the motivation to see it change and move up!

👉 Sign up for Personal Capital for FREE here 

Apps to help you save


Acorns - We’ve been using this app for years and it’s such an easy way to save and invest!

Acorns makes saving and investing beyond easy! Connect to your checking account and round up your change to start investing. This makes it super painless and you can add weekly or monthly investments as well. You can also shop through their app to earn even more investments.

This app used to be free but now charges $3/ month. I still feel it’s worth it because we’re earning more on our money than if we were just leaving it in our normal checking /savings.
It is still free to open your account and only $5 to activate it. Plus, if you open it through this link you’ll get a free bonus investment.

My favorite features:

  • Roundups on your everyday purchases to make savings simple and painless
  • Cash back (into your acorns account) on over 350 retailers
  • Determine how conservative or aggressive you want to be with investing.

*This is app is perfect for getting started with saving and not necessarily an in depth investment tool. It is just ONE of the ways we set aside money for our emergency fund and super easy to do.

👉 Get a FREE bonus investment of $5 when you sign up through this link

Apps to help you make money 



This is a must have with the current economic drama we’re seeing play out. From inflation to rising gas prices, we all could use a little relief and some extra cash! Upside gives you cash back at the pump and all you have to do is scan your receipt! They also offer cash back at local restaurants and grocery stores as well.

My entire family is using this app and enjoying the cash back. You can have it sent straight to your bank account once you reach $10. My husband and I have already earned over $100 back (and I don’t even drive much!)

👉 Download the app through this link and use code 8HVH8N to get an additional $.15/gallon back on your first use!

*Search for your local offers, claim the offer, check in when you get to the gas station, scan your receipt as soon as your done



I am currently learning how to trade stocks and am loving it! This app makes it so easy and you can get free stocks just for signing up and making ANY size investment! I started small with $100 and split it into a couple of long term investments and then some of the money I practice day and swing trades. I have loved watching my account value grow as I learn!

My favorite features:

  • Free!
  • Trainings inside the app to learn about trading
  • Free stocks when you sign up!

 👉 Get your free account and bonus stocks here. (the current promo is 6 free stocks! Sometimes it's more and sometimes less)
*You can sell your bonus stocks to purchase ones you want!

So tell me! Which app are you going to start using?! Let me know in the comment section 👇 below 

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