Our Top Supplements to Boost and Support Our Immune System

health life Mar 13, 2020


I'm choosing peace and preparation over fear and panic.

In light of the recent news and the COVID-19 spreading world-wide, it's breaking my heart to see the panic and fear. People glued to their news stations and social media hoping for answers is only causing more fear and anxiety which actually leads to stress and a lower immune system.

I am no doctor so please just hear me as a wife, mom, woman of God, business owner, who is always trying to do the right thing and provide my family with the best care possible. If you need medical advice, ask your doctor.

But here's what I want to share with you:

I am choosing peace because I know who my maker is. I am choosing peace because I actually work on building my family's immune system on a daily basis and not just when a virus is running rampant. 

How to find peace

Turn off the news. You already know this is serious. You know what you need to do. If you want updates, get the facts from a trusted source and then turn it off. What you feed your mind is where your energy will go.


Change your mind. The ways I do this is through reading the Bible, prayer, journaling and using my 90 Days of Purpose journal. Practice gratitude, say affirmations, write out your dreams, and set intentions. Changing your mind from negative to positive affects your entire body. Check out my morning mindset routine here.

Stay present and focus on the things you can control. You can't control the news, the mass hysteria, or what's going on outside your four walls. But you CAN control the atmosphere inside your home. You can choose to enjoy some time with your family. And you can use this time to practice some self care and get your home back in order. We spend so much time running around keeping up with the Joneses and end up neglecting ourselves and our home. If you want to take advantage of this time, I have all of my Simplicity Courses in one easy (CRAZY LOW PRICE) place. CLICK HERE to check out the SImplicity Society.

How to Prepare & Prevent

Every day, not just when there's a pandemic, you should be fueling your body and giving it the nutrients it needs to be operating at its highest potential.

Not only are we lowering our stress levels by keeping the peace, we're making sure we have our basic necessities on hand (without going crazy and clearing shelves at the local grocery store), drinking a ton of water, and getting lots of rest and sleep.

These are basic things EVERYONE can do to support their immune system. Along with those things, we do have several supplements we keep on hand for daily use and for when we do come down with something.

Here are the things we take on a regular basis to support our minds and bodies



Vitamin C - every single day in the AM - We prefer NOW brand  or Solaray Brand



Vitamin D - every single day in the AM Naturewise is great, non GMO in organic olive oil


Probiotics - every single day - Flora is the only brand we take. It needs to stay refrigerated. If you buy it on amazon make sure it is from UDOs Choice (and not other sellers) as they will ship with a cold pack. Or you can buy it at your local health food store like sprouts.


Liquid Chlorophyll - every single day in the AM - Add these drops to your first glass of water. It's a dark green but tastes slightly minty and refreshing. Helps cleanse & detoxify. 

I love organifi products! You can use code CORIE to save 15% on your entire order

Organifi Green Juice - every single day in the AM

Organifi Red Juice - every single day in the afternoon

Organifi Gold - every single night in the PM



I love Hulsa products

I take the softgels every morning and the tincture every night under my tongue for 30 seconds then swallow. You can read all about why I take CBD RIGHT HERE.



Magnesium - every single night before bed - I also have a blog post here about getting your best sleep


How to Treat

When we do start to feel sick, we up our vitamins and add in a few more to our routine. I will have you know that since we've been doing this for the last 5-10 years we have not once had to seek medical attention for a cold/flu/virus. No antibiotics whatsoever.

We continue the routine listed above and add the following

We increase our water intake and our sleep.

Vitamin C - we up our dose to 1,000mg every hour and when we have this on hand we switch to this brand! This is much pricier but it gets into your system so much quicker.


Oreganol - Dosage states one or more daily but if we are coming down with something we'll take 1-2 morning, noon, and night. This really helps kick it. We also put this Oregano Oil on the bottom of our feet and put socks on. The oil is a hot oil so it's not recommended to put directly on other areas of your body but it never bothers our feet and goes straight into your blood stream.

Kyolic - We take two of these 3 times a day when we are coming down with something. It's also great to take on a daily basis but we typically don't.

Colloidal Silver - This is so good to have on hand. We take it under the tongue a few times a day when we're feeling sick.

Fire Cider - This stuff burns and really doesn't taste good but oh man it does the job! It used to be sold on Amazon but isn't any more. You can check out amazon for similar brands but we love this one. You can buy it HERE and it's also available at a wide range of health food stores.


There are TONS of ways you can help prepare your immune system so that when and if you are exposed to something more serious, your body is ready to fight. We have other things we do as well but these are always our go-to and I'm constantly sharing these tips with my friends and family so I hope you found them useful as well!

If you're looking for more health related articles CLICK HERE to see all of my blog posts related to health.



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