faith life Jan 09, 2014


Change. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's bad. Sometimes it just has to be done whether we want to or not. When it would be easier to just stay. Sometimes we shouldn't.

I fully believe we need to be planted and stay planted. Uprooting a tree can be detrimental. But what happens when the gardener stops watering it? It needs to be moved.

As humans we have the privilege and the responsibility of planting ourselves in healthy soil. We also have to know when it’s time to move. God will protect our roots in the mean time. God will water them and nourish them until they can be gently placed into the soil they belong.

And that’s how I see it. I know that God has our best interest in mind. I know that because I know that he has the best interest of others in mind too. And if I am to play a part at all in the outcome of anyone else's eternity, He is going to place me where He wants me. Not where man wants me.

I am wide awake. I know that there is no mistake under heaven that he can’t make right. I know that he placed me in Southern California at this moment in time for a purpose and I will not let ANYTHING or ANYONE stand in His way.

I will write and write and write until his purpose for me is fulfilled. Even if it is to help myself see him more clearly, that is what I will do.

I will love my husband and children unconditionally. I will give them the grace that they deserve to receive from me. I will notice them and capture memories in my mind and protect them like the precious gems that they are.

I will be a friend to the friendless.
I will bring food to the hungry.
I will bring hope to the weary.
I will bring peace to the hurting.

If I can’t see beyond my little circle, how will I see what He has given me. There is so much more to this life. More than I even realize and I want to see more and more each and every day.

I want to love more, to know more, to see more, to touch more, to experience more, to forgive more. I want to be more alive and more awake. And every day that I am more awake, I pray that I do not get familiar with it and doze off again.

When was a time that you had to make a difficult change but deep down you knew it was for the best?



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