Ep 21: The Truth About Self Care No One Is Talking About

business health podcast May 07, 2019

Purpose With Corie Clark: Episode 21



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The truth about self care

Self care is a hot topic these days and everyone & their brother are jumping on the bandwagon. 

While I’m a huge fan of true self care, and I know there are plenty of people out there that need it and don’t do it, I also think some people have gotten it a little twisted.

When you’re using self care as an escape from life. Instead of doing the inner work first to be set free from whatever crap is going on in there, that’s not self care.

People are escaping with binge shopping, binge eating, drinking, Netflix, and other mindless things. None of those things are bad and we should all be able to have some mindless fun once in a while.


True self care means you’re taking care of yourself.

That requires discipline. True self care is actually a little less fun that it sounds.

When you put in the work of taking care of yourself, you DO get to do those fun things!

Actually taking care of yourself looks more like:

Going to bed at a decent time, getting enough sleep, making your bed, showering, eating healthy food, moving your body, removing toxic people from your life, doing the work in your relationships, learning something new that you’ve been putting off, making the dreaded phone call, or even going to therapy or counseling.

They’re all actually simple things. But they’re not always easy.

And when you put in the effort to do these things and really take care of who you are, you won’t need to escape and you can actually enjoy a day at the spa or shopping or whatever because it’s not an escape. It’s a gift to yourself for remaining faithful, showing up, and putting in the work of living a big life.

Assess your life and see where you’re feeling like you need self care 

What have you been letting go that you shouldn’t? How have you been treating yourself that leads to this exhaustion? Are your relationships in a good place? Is your health in a good place?

Are you doing things that actually fill you with passion and joy?

Or are you doing things that drain the life right out of you just to please someone else.

And if you’re truly doing everything you can, you’re setting boundaries, and eating healthy, and taking care of your physical, mental, and spiritual being, and you’re STILL exhausted, then maybe you need to go check yourself into a hotel for a few days and let it all go and get some much needed rest, room service and a spa day.

But I fully believe that most of the people these days who are binging for self care aren’t truly taking care of themselves.

Their self care is a drug that makes them feel good for the moment and then after a week of treating themselves like crap, they need another hit. 

So if that’s your take on self care right now, it’s time to stop. Look at your life and truly take care of yourself. Love yourself. Do what you know you need to do.

And if you’re an entrepreneur and trying to grow a six / seven figure business and you’re not practicing self care, then you’re who I really want to talk to right now.

Do you think that burning the candle at both ends, day and night, taking on every project under the sun is going to serve you?

How can you serve your audience if you aren’t energized and excited.I want you to take some time to really assess what you’re doing day in and day out. 

What things are you doing that are draining the life out of you?
Maybe for you, self care looks like hiring a VA or a housekeeper?

Lessen the load so that you have more time to work in your zone of genius and what you’re passionate about. 

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