We're Moving!

We learned about 10 years ago to never say never. And that's why when our family moved to Tennessee a couple of years ago, we never said never. But we truly didn't think we'd be leaving California so soon!

Everything has happened so fast and so seamlessly that I know God has His hand on it and is orchestrating every step.

If you asked me in February if we thought we'd be moving this year I would have told you NO WAY!

But then the quarantine came.

And we started to see things happening in our state and within our communities that we just were not aligned with. And that's when we started talking about it. But even in March, April, and May, it was really just little thoughts and chats thrown out there and nothing serious. 

With all of the uncertainty in this country right now, we truly just wanted to be closer to family. In fact, we haven't lived near my family in over nine years! So in June we started having more serious conversations about moving and Ryan found a job posting for a company we've known for years.

Long story short, he was offered an amazing position with an even more amazing company. He was actually given the offer while we were visiting my family in Franklin. We even had friends coming over to my parents that night who are from CA but have homes in Franklin. Everything just felt right and as it should be.

Fresh Start

We are so excited for this new season and a fresh start. God has gently closed doors in California that we didn't realize needed to be closed and He's used the last several months to draw us closer to Him. 

He's also used this time to remind me of my purpose. And while I will continue to help women simplify their lives and grow their businesses on purpose, I will also be sharing more of my own experiences and truths that I'm finding.

Back to why I started

When I first purchased my domain name nine years ago, it was because I felt this stirring in me to share truth. I had been awakened from a slumber and there was no going back. A slumber that most Americans are in and don't even know it. 

Our society is dumbed down by so many things including watered down preaching, our education system, health care system, entertainment industry, and so much more. I'm excited to get back to what I was called to and continue on this journey to freedom.

What's the plan with the Purposeful Planner?

In all honesty, we don't know the exact direction we're headed other than forward. Each day brings new challenges and new excitement. We are currently having a crazy moving sale to get rid of as much inventory as possible so we can move and deal with distribution closer to our new home. We are also looking into new manufacturers within the US since everything in the manufacturing and shipping industry is so unstable at the moment. We will update you as soon as we know how we're moving forward.

My Purpose Babe Society is still open and thriving and is one of my most favorite things in the world. I love coaching women and helping them reach their business goals and dreams! If you want to join CLICK HERE

My event, Purpose Babe Live, is on hold for now. I would never want women to socially distance, wear a mask, or get a vaccine to be able to come to a live event. When we are able to have the event I've dreamed up, it will be back on! 

All I know is God gave me this passion, this purpose, and this business. I have always held it with my hands open for Him to give and take away. To change the direction and to give me new inspiration. I know that He will bless the business and our lives as long as we always give our first to Him.

So when's the move?

We'll be leaving Southern California on August 3rd and taking a 9 day road trip across the US to get to our new home. We'll be using a pod service to get our belongings over (getting rid of a TON) and renting an RV to get ourselves and our furry friends to Tennessee.

I'll definitely be sharing our experience for the road trip so be sure to follow along on Instagram. And if you're in need of some moving tips, I've put together my best ones RIGHT HERE.

I can't wait to bring you more truth and help you live your life on purpose!

And if you have any thoughts on our move or want to share your favorite Tennessee must do things, let me know on this instagram post here!



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