What My Freaky Online Friends Taught Me About My Real Life Friends

faith life Mar 06, 2014

As most of you know, I've been part of an online community for about 8 months. It was formed by Jon Acuff for people who wanted to dream bigger. There are almost 2,000 people from all over the world. Some are starting businesses, some are writing books, some are losing weight, and some are still figuring out what path to take.

Whenever I tell someone about my "Facebook Friends," I get the strangest looks like, are you ok? Did you smoke something? Should we call a therapist? But what they don't realize is that these people have become my friends. Like, for reals. I love them.

We put up a fence around our community and it created a safe place for us to dream. For us to share our deepest fears and biggest accomplishments. There's no judgment {well, I'm sure there is from some because people are just people and that's what we do} and if someone's a jerk, they're out. We have lost loved ones, gotten married, gotten divorced, lost jobs, quit jobs, lost weight, gained weight, you name it. And we're all there cheering each other on. We believe in each other and we want to see every one win.

This community has taught me to embrace diversity. Even more than I thought I already did. I've learned that God is using each one of us in our own unique way and the world wouldn't be right if even one of us weren't pursuing the path He laid out for us.

And you know what this has done? It's made me be a better friend and person in general to the people I meet in real life. Now I look at someone and wonder, what is their story? What has God called them to do and how can I help them realize it and then move forward in it?

Can you imagine a world where people aren't afraid to share their dreams, fears, and accomplishments? Where we aren't judged for doing well and picked up off the ground when we fail?

That's what this is all about. Surround yourself with people, do what you're supposed to do, embrace the grace that's been given to you, and love. Just love.   -  Tweet that!

So, I guess my freaky online friends taught me to love my real life friends even more. How bout them apples?

Where have you found a safe place to just be who you are?


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