What Will Your Next 5 Years Look Like?

business life Aug 29, 2014


Earlier this week I was challenged by my friend Kevin Buchanan to write down what my next 5 years will look like. This is something that I absolutely love and think is extremely crucial to living a life of purpose. When we let life get in the way of living, we forget to be intentional and time flies by.

My list wasn't hard to make. In fact, I wanted to add a hundred more things to it. But, I did notice some people having a hard time with the challenge and that made me sad. I think it's far too common for us to think that this is just it. This is life and it's never gonna change and it's never gonna get better. We're just going to WORK WORK WORK and hope that we live long enough to retire.

I want to know what your #Next5 years will look like. I dare you to dream big. What is it that you want to do that might seem impossible? Five years is a long time. If you hustle and pursue your dreams and goals I fully believe that you will see them come to fruition. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

Comment below with your #Next5 and be sure to share with your world on social media. Use the hashtag #Next5 so we all can see too!


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