When Passion and Purpose Collide

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2013

Passion and Purpose

How long will you wander through life aimlessly? Wondering why on earth you are here, what you are going to do with your life, and what's the point to anything anyway?

It breaks my heart when I ask someone what their dream is or what brings them joy and they really don't know. Life has dulled them and they are just sleepwalking through each day trying to live through it and get to the end of the yellow brick road.

There's a fire that burns deep inside of you. Maybe it is just an ember right now, but it's there. I know it is. It's been there since you were a child and it's time to fan it. It's time to let that ember burn and become a fire so raging that you can't keep it inside any longer. It's time to take ownership of what you are passionate about. What compels you to keep going. What brings you joy.

It's time to change.


Not tomorrow. Not next year. Now.

You see, we all have a purpose. Whether you know it or not, you are here on purpose for a purpose. And when you realize that purpose and you align yourself with it, you start walking down this beautiful path that God has given you. Sure there will still be bumps and turns and valleys along that path. But it's God's path. He knows every square inch of it and laid it out for you.

God knows the desires of your heart. He's the one who put them there. He also wired you so intricately that he knows exactly what makes you tick, what your passions are, and where you are going to end up. Trust that when you start to realize your passions, they are from God and they will help you live out your purpose.

It's weird at first, even foreign. Believe me. We've been untaught how to be passionate dreamers. We are told that we are foolish or childish or that our dreams will never come to pass. Changing your way of thinking is going to throw you for a loop and you're probably going to want to quit and go back to your comfortable, same as everyone else, life. Don't do it.

Change. Grow. Learn. Enjoy this life, beautifully awake. Every last second of it.

Let go and let your passions and purpose take over. You were made so perfectly that these two things are actually created to be woven together. When you allow your passions and your purpose to collide, you will find yourself walking in your God given destiny.

Enjoy the ride my friends!

Tell me. What are you passionate about?



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