When the Enemy Tries to Stop You In Your Tracks

faith family life Apr 24, 2015

 When the enemy tries to take you out

There are times in life when everything seems to fall into place and just flow. Things are good, everything is going your way, and you're walking the road you know you've been called to; when suddenly, wham! Out of nowhere you get blindsided and your heart sinks to your stomach. You can hardly come up for air before you're pulled back into the abyss of hopelessness.

You might as well give up because, honestly, what’s the point? Why should you keep trying when it hurts so badly? Why should you continue when it would be so much easier to just walk away and live a complacent life?

I tend to be overly dramatic when things don’t go as planned. I freak out. I stop eating. I stop sleeping. I completely lose hope. It usually doesn’t last long, thank God. But it sure feels like hell while I wallow in my “poor me, the world is against me party.”

Almost the entire month of March and half of April was an absolute bust for me. I was sick for three weeks. THREE WEEKS! Who does that? It was just a stupid head-cold flu thing but, man, it sucked the life out of me. In the middle of that, the enemy tried to completely take me out of the game

Everything I’ve worked for over the last year and a half was being attacked. I’m not going to get into any details because it honestly doesn’t matter now. But I want you to know that for a few weeks, I was hopeless. So “Christian” of me, right?

I hate even saying that because I believe we have a hope in Jesus. Easier said than done my friends. I would go through very brief moments thinking, God’s got this. Why am I worried? Then suddenly I would be frozen. I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t want to cook, clean (well, I never want to do those things), parent, wife, work… I was done.

Don’t forget, I’m over dramatic. This really wasn’t that big of a deal. But when I had hit my lowest point of despair, I heard God ask, “Do you trust me?” And I melted. It was not a voice of annoyance or shame. It was gentle and kind. The way Jesus probably spoke. It was full of love and peace—a longing for me to trust him.

My Prince of Peace. He saved me. He rescued me from that pit of despair. I trust him. I will continue to give him the glory for all that he has done in my life. He gave me this business and he will carry it as long as he sees fit. He will supply all of my needs.

When you feel like you’re in the middle of the storm, try to keep your eyes on him. It really does make life so much easier. I know it’s hard, but it is so worth it to find that place where you can completely relinquish all control to him.

I will leave you with this new song, Prince of Peace, by Hillsong United. It is EXACTLY what I went through recently and I can’t stop listening to it. These lyrics are filled with so much truth.

My heart of stone; clouds raging deep within
The Prince of Peace came bursting through the wind
The violent sky held its breath
And in Your light I found rest

Tearing through the night, riding on the storm
Staring down the fight, my eyes found Yours
Shining like the sun, striding through my fear
The Prince of Peace met me there



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