Whisper His Name

faith life Aug 28, 2013


It's amazing to me, no matter how hard I try to pause or step back and slow things down..

They just.



There's kids, church, school, life group, meetings, emails, instagram, grocery shopping, lists, laundry, animals, writing, cooking, cleaning, driving, scheduling, you know the drill. A million things to do and never enough time.

I am very intentional of all of my time. I get up early and pack as much as I can into each day. I believe God has called all of us to live a big life and live it to the fullest.

But that doesn't mean to do it without Him. And sometimes. A lot of times. I find myself wondering where He is. I mean. I know. I know where He is. I know He lives in me and I know He's there all of the time. But you know that feeling. That feeling of oh crap, I am sinking and sinking fast. How can I do it all and see it all and still stay connected to God?

Enter Jesus Calling, my morning devotional. On Sunday morning I read something so simple. So profound.

"The quickest way to redirect your mind to me is to whisper My Name."

That's it. Plain and simple.


So this is what I've been doing. Just whispering, "Jesus." And instantly, I'm grounded. I'm reminded that He is at the right hand of God. And the world is right.

Give it a try. When things are getting out of control or you're about to lose your mind. Just whisper his name.



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