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You Were Created To Do Amazing Things

faith life Jul 31, 2013



Yes you were! Did you know that? So why are you settling for less?  It's time to start being amazing.

Not perfect.


You were created by a perfect God who is strong, loving, forgiving, creative, and wise. You were created in His image, which means you can be these things too.

Whatever it is that's keeping you from amazing, face it head on and remove it. Whether it's physical or mental, figure out a way to chip away at it. Even if it's only a little bit at a time, you can do it.

And, you don't need to go save the world today to be amazing. It starts with one thing, one person. What can you do today that will make another person's life better? For a family member, a friend, the clerk at the grocery store, a homeless man on the street. There has to be one thing you can do today that will matter for eternity.

Every little thing you do that may seem insignificant is going to add up and it's going to give you strength and courage to do bigger and better things.

Do something.

Be kind.

Be awake.

What is one thing that you can do today that will make someone's life better?


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