Celebrating Moms on Mother's Day

faith family life May 12, 2017

Mother's Day, Celebrating Moms on Mother's Day, celebrate, women

There is something to be said for celebrating moms on Mother's Day. It wasn't until I became a mom that I really understood what it means to be one (no kidding!). I remember holding my baby #1 for the first time and this overwhelming, sacrificial love came over me. I haven't been the same since.

From the time of pregnancy, to caring for my little ones, to picking up toys, and tending to sickies, there is so much a mother does that goes unseen. No crowd is standing there cheering you on. You don't get trophies when your kid's school project costs you time and money. There isn't acceptable excuses when it comes to putting dinner on the table and having the cabinets well-stocked with snacks. Being a mom is the most rewarding and probably draining job in the world. That's why I think it's important we practice celebrating moms this Mother's Day.

Most often, we rush to the store for last minute cards and flowers. Sigh out of obligation. Kids rant, "Why isn't there a Kid's Day?!" Gifts...

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Live Intentionally by Practicing Peace

faith life simplicity May 03, 2017

practice peace

In all the craziness of this world, we hear the word peace so much. We crave it, yet we struggle with anxiety. We are overwhelmed with fear and our lives are consumed with hurriedness. And we fill our schedules and routines with constant busyness to distract ourselves from our own issues. The problem with this lifestyle is that it results in no peace. Zero. Zilch. None. Before you know it, that is the last thing we experience. It's time for a change! We need to live intentionally by practicing peace.

If you are familiar with why I started the Purposeful Planner, you will know that the height of my despair was when I sprawled out on my daughter's bedroom floor crying out for more. My desperate heart didn't want to run the ragged race of the life I was living. I was so done with being exhausted and drained. Ultimately, I wanted more peace for make room for Jesus and the important things that lead to a purposeful life.

I really think that to attain peace in our lives, we have to...

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4 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Simplify and How to Avoid Them

business life simplicity Apr 21, 2017


Let me guess. You're tired, worn out, weary, burning the candle at both ends, out of money, out of energy, and never have time to do the things you want. You, my friend may need to create just a little bit of margin in your life in order to simplify. Are you ready to give up the chaos and choose a life of simplicity? Before you do, be sure to watch for the following mistakes. And if you're ready, download my free 5 Tips to Simplify Your Life TodayRIGHT HERE

4 Mistakes to Avoid

1. Thinking you have to be a minimalist in order to simplify.

Some people shudder at the thought of simplifying because they think they’ll have to give everything up and live in a tiny house with nothing to their name. This is so far from the truth. Simplifying is letting go of the things we do not love to make room for the things we do. This can be applied to any area of your life and not just your home. Not only can you clear some clutter from your home, but you can clear...

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How To Have More Time with Christy Wright

There’s one thing this year, and every year, that most of us would love to have more of. No, not money. That would be nice too, but that’s not it.


When you think about it, you can get more of almost anything you want in life. If you want more money, you can earn it. More stuff, you can buy it. More friends, you can find them. Heck, even hair can be substituted with implants, wigs or extensions!

But no matter who you are or how much money you have, you can’t get more time.

You and I and everyone else on this planet have the exact same amount of time—24 hours in a day. So how we manage it becomes a major factor in our ability to be successful. And while success is defined differently for everyone, there are really only three types of people when it comes to time management:

The Busy Person With No Time

Being busy isn’t a bad thing. This type of person has a lot going on! They have many wonderful responsibilities, relationships and commitments that...

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Live Intentionally by Choosing Joy

faith family life Apr 05, 2017

Live Intentionally by Choosing Joy

Do you ever feel like you've heard "choosing joy" a million times? I think in certain circles what started as a thoughtful message has become loosely used. And because of that, it has lost it's weight and depth. I also think if we are in a challenging season of life or experiencing heartbreak, choosing joy isn't something that is easily done or something we know how to do! But the reality is that God intends for us to live full lives that are full of joy. How do we do this? Here is a quick thought on how to live intentionally by choosing joy.

I love the verse Proverbs 17:22, " A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." In the happiest times of life, it is "easy" to feel joyful. It might even be overwhelming. But in the trying times in life when we don't feel happy, being joyful isn't something that comes naturally. So when we hear "choose joy" it is a confusing message to our hurting heart!

The difference between feeling happy and choosing...

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5 Money Saving Tips for Your Home

home life simplicity Mar 23, 2017

5 Money Saving Tips for Your Home

Money. Don't we need it, love it, hate it, and want more of it. We often think it will solve our problems if we just had a little more. And when we do, we only want more and more! As Christians, we sometimes confuse the verse 1 Timothy 6:10 with thinking that money is "evil." Taking a look at the verse a little closer, we see that the love of money is actually the culprit. In reality, when money is managed correctly and within our means, it can be helpful and do good! I wanted to share 5 money saving tips for your home from my book The Simplicity Project to help you set new habits in motion today.

I know there are many aspects to how we handle our finances. Expenses, budgets, savings, the list goes one! BUT I will say that no matter if you are in a great place with your finances, or reevaluating what you've been doing, there are ways to stretch the green stuff. When my husband and I have had to rebuild our emergency fund a number of different times, we've pinched pennies...

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Live Intentionally by Extending Grace

faith family life Mar 15, 2017

Live Intentionally Series by Extending Grace

Grace is one of those words we hear quite often. But when I sit and think about it, grace is a hard concept to understand. I think there are two different kinds. We have to have grace for ourselves, and create a habit of extending grace to others. Aren't both easier said than done? Thinking about this balance, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on how we can live intentionally by extending grace.

I'm starting to notice a pattern when it comes to character building for myself and my family. We have to do the very thing with ourselves that we want to output. Does that make sense? Last month we talked about how to live intentionally by loving ourselves before we can effectively love others. Same goes for grace. We have to be graceful with ourselves before we can have the capacity to give others grace.

According to the Dictionary, grace is "the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings." We are able to have grace for...

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Create Space for Simplicity in the Busy

family home life simplicity Feb 28, 2017

create space, simplistic living

Do you ever ask someone how they are doing and they answer, "I'm so busy"? I don't think this is a new response, and I'm even guilty of using it myself! Even with my Purposeful Planner, I still have laundry, dishes, shopping, kid's games, church, obligations, family, and MORE on my plate. I totally understand the word busy as a mom of 3. But if we aren't careful, busy becomes an excuse to put off the life giving moments of quiet. We need to create space for simplicity in the busyness to live a life of intention.

Life is meant to be lived simply whether we realize it or not. In our "yes" culture, we say yes to so many tasks, responsibilities, and roles. Before we know it, we are stretched beyond our capacity to give fully to any one thing in particular. Which often makes us tired and resentful of being involved in anything at all. God did not intend this for us! He meant for us to live richly by being present.

This starts by saying no, even to the good things. And yes, to...

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Best Coffee Table Books

family home life Dec 15, 2016

15 Beautiful Coffee Table Books

Are you as big of a book lover as I am? I mean, I love them all. The ones you read, the ones you look at, the ones you can't put down. I've put together a list of 15 beautiful coffee table books because I think every girl should have these in their house. They're gorgeous! I own a few myself and am slowly adding them to my collection. They're basically all in my amazon cart just waiting to be purchased one by one.

Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro

All In Good Taste by Kate Spade

Beaches by Gray Malin

Chanel And Her World by Edmonde Charles-Roux

Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style by Jerome Gautier

Eat Drink Nap by Soho House

Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life by Erin Gates

Fifty Dresses That Changed the World by Design Museum

Humans of New York - by Brandon Stanton

Overview by Benjamin Grant

Paris In Color by Nichole Robertson

Things We Love by Kate Spade

Tom Ford by Tom Ford

Vanity Fair 100 Years by Graydon Carter

Yves Saint...

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A Simple Christmas

family home life Dec 13, 2016



A Simple Christmas

It's hard to believe that Christmas is here, yet again. Every year, I tell myself, you're going to simplify! You're going to be done with all your shopping by November! You're going to bake all of your holiday treats! And every year, I fall short. I'm sure you're feeling the same way. With all of the events that seem to fill up the calendar, it's hard to find time to shop and bake, let alone breathe! I've had grand ideas of creating a Simplicity Project, Christmas Edition but that's funny right there. Too much on my plate so it will have to wait.

Instead I've created a few resources that I hope will help you simplify and still be sure to get in some of the important activities that come around only this time of year. First, I thought I'd give you a few tips to get back on track and pull you out of that losing your mind feeling and into the reality that you can, in fact, do this!

Simple thins you can do right now to simplify Christmas

  1. Pull out your planner or...
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