Entrepreneur's Morning Mindset Routine

Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting. And not just because of the hustle, but because of the mind game that's constantly going. If your business is struggling, more often than not, it's starting with YOU.

Starting my day off with mindset work has been a complete game changer. When my mind is in the right place, before anything else comes at me, my day runs so much smoother.

I do ALL of these things before I even look at an email, social media, or start even the smallest bit of work. I've learned that if I can pour into myself first, I have a lot more to give the rest of the day. And what I AM giving, is more authentic, purposeful, and powerful.

My Morning Mindset Routine

First, I start with my Bible reading.  Sometimes it's my Bible App while I'm laying in bed. Other times it's a more in depth reading plan (by Robert Fergusson). I use The Jesus Bible for this specific plan and I also love The Passion Translation for other reading.

Next, I write in my prayer journal. This is...

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