4 Tips to Uplevel Your Brand

blog brand business Jan 11, 2020

In this bonus episode (Episode 28) I'm sharing 4 things you HAVE to do if you're ready to up-level your brand.

Feel like you can't quite stand out in a crowded market? These four things are going to help you separate yourself from all the other girls trying to sell the same thing!

Here's a quick recap of the 4 keys but tune in to hear each one in depth.

4 Things You Need to Do to Up-level Your Brand

  1. Set an intention, make a plan, & take massive action  - Beyond goal setting, this is about setting an intention on who you want to become and how you want to show up. THEN make a plan and take action on it!
  2. Your greatest asset is your mind - Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right! Don't be the one who's keeping you from reaching your next level.
  3. Be the authority - Are you showing up as the authority in your industry? If you want to become the go-to person in your niche or industry, you have to show up as the authority.
  4.  Your tribe...
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2020 Goal Setting Tips

business Jan 07, 2020

Corie’s back from hiatus with exciting news and three things you MUST keep in mind when setting goals for the New Year.

After a 6 month break from podcasting, we are back in action and 2020 is going to be amazing!

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How to Deal With Failure as an Entrepreneur

business life Sep 09, 2019

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks or years where you're like, "OK God! I'm done learning! Can we just move on?"

That's me this year. I feel like my life has been SO CRAZY! Being an entrepreneur is NOT for the faint of heart. It's never-ending, it's lonely, there are no guarantees.... And you are the one who's in charge of all the things. 

It's been one of the hardest years but the most rewarding if I'm looking at my personal growth, spiritual growth, and just plain "lessons learned." 

Lessons learned aren't always fun though. I used to look at disappointments, letdowns, and failures as just that...disappointments, letdowns, and failures. But after spending a ton of time working on my mindset and really learning why have the feelings I have when certain circumstances arise, I've been able to turn them around and ask God, "What lesson are you trying to teach me?"

Don't get me wrong, I don't have this perfect. It's definitely something that has to be practiced. But...

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Back to School Prep for the Mompreneur

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As much as I do NOT want summer to come to an end, there's just something about prepping for Back to School that gets my little organizational heart pumping. I LOVE buying school supplies (even if they aren't for the kids ), purging everything in the house, meal planning and prepping, and basically anything that will make me feel like I'm winning in the Mom department!

But here's the deal, sister. 

I have A LOT on my plate and I know you do too. Running this business is a full time job. And taking care of the kids is a full time job. And being a wife, and a friend, and a woman is more than a full time job. I get you. I KNOW you're coming here for a little help because you are about to lose your ever. loving. mind!

So here's the plan. And I'm keeping it simple because that is how I roll. No Marie Kondo up in here. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Mompreneur Back to School Prep

1. I'm getting rid of #allthethings. All...

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Simple Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business Organically in 2019

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Social media is your gateway to a six figure business and beyond. And no matter what the haters say, you can still increase your traffic and sales organically and you don’t have to spend a ton of money on ads.

Organic growth and traffic is STILL a thing.

Organic traffic might feel like it’s on it’s death bed but it is not dead yet and you should not be dismissing it. Don’t give up on your audience!

Even if your reach has dropped, you still have some reach. And that reach is still actual people seeing you! That means you have a chance  to show your authority, serve, share, and make an offer to SOMEONE!

When you DO want to spend money on ads, they’re going to perform better because you've paid attention and created a warm audience.

And while, email may be king, how do you expect people to get on your list if you're not using social media strategically?

Here are my top...

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Entrepreneur's Morning Mindset Routine

Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting. And not just because of the hustle, but because of the mind game that's constantly going. If your business is struggling, more often than not, it's starting with YOU.

Starting my day off with mindset work has been a complete game changer. When my mind is in the right place, before anything else comes at me, my day runs so much smoother.

I do ALL of these things before I even look at an email, social media, or start even the smallest bit of work. I've learned that if I can pour into myself first, I have a lot more to give the rest of the day. And what I AM giving, is more authentic, purposeful, and powerful.

My Morning Mindset Routine

First, I start with my Bible reading.  Sometimes it's my Bible App while I'm laying in bed. Other times it's a more in depth reading plan (by Robert Fergusson). I use The Jesus Bible for this specific plan and I also love The Passion Translation for other reading.

Next, I write in my prayer journal. This is...

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Kick Start Your Business

business podcast Jun 25, 2019

Episode 25: Kick Start Your Business


In this episode Corie talks about how it’s never too late to start the business that you have always dreamed of starting.

Kickstart Your Business

Join the workshop here

If you have a dream or idea and you feel like maybe it's too late to start, or you don't have enough money, or you just don't even know if it's right for you, this episode is for you!

I am living proof that it's never too late!

If you're wanting to finally take that idea you have and turn it into a business, listen to this episode and join my brand new workshop RIGHT HERE!


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Getting Out of The Entrepreneurial Slump

business podcast Jun 21, 2019

Episode 24: Getting Out of The Entrepreneurial Slump 


In this episode Corie shares how to get out of that slump we all find ourselves in from time to time.

The key lies in how we show up every day.

If we show up as the CEO or the person we are wanting to become, even before our business has found the success we're after, we can pull ourselves out and find success much quicker.

Who are you trying to become? What kind of business owner do you want to be? What kind of spouse, parent, or friend do you want to be?

You have to start showing up as that person now. Don’t wait for the right circumstance. Don’t wait for more money or a better job or that breakthrough launch.

You will start to see massive progress and success in every area of your life if you show up as the person you’re trying to become.


I recently read the book eMyth Revisited (which I highly recommend) and the author shares the story of  Tom Watson, former CEO of IBM

Here is what...

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Stay Weird


In this episode Corie shares how staying weird and not worrying about what others have to say will help you live your best life.

After homeschooling her three kids, Corie’s had her fair share of weird looks and rude comments but her entire family is better off because of their decision. And now, her kids are confident in who they are and what they love to do.

This podcast episode was inspired by a post I shared on Facebook

"This week we celebrated Ryan's birthday, Brody graduating 8th grade, and Morgan graduating High School!
Life is so good!

We chose to homeschool our kids and our two oldest graduated a year early. Brody's on his way to do the same. Morgan's starting her own business. Each of my kids are truly living out their lives the way they want to in their unique gifts God gave them. I wouldn't change it for the world!

Don't waste your life living for someone else. Find your purpose, don't be scared to think outside the box, and LIVE your life! Some of the best...

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Why You Need to Show Up as an Authority

business podcast May 21, 2019

Purpose With Corie Clark: Episode 22

Why you need to show up as an authority

In this episode Corie shares how showing up as a leader and an authority every day can grow your business.

Are you showing up as a leader? Your audience wants someone to look up to. And if you’re not showing up as a leader, they’ll find someone else.

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